December 20, 2019


Shopping for someone as inspirational as your teacher can be difficult to do! What can you get them that will show how grateful you are to them? The job of a teacher is one of the hardest jobs out there. They work to educate, motivate, and inspire their students. It’s important to show your appreciation for them in some sort of way. My School Dance has come up with the Top 10 Best Gifts For Teachers!


#1. Personalize it

No gift is better than one that is personalized. These types of gifts are so much more meaningful to teachers. Write down some “thank you’s” for little things your teacher has done for you such as “thank you for listening to me.” Then compile all of the notes into a mason jar and give it to them.

#2 Crafts

When students create something themselves, it shows how much they cared and put time into their gift. Create a pretty painting or wood palette design for your teacher to hang up in their classroom.

#3 Teacher Necessities

Think of all the basic tools teachers could always use more of. The practical things: office supplies, magnets, post-its, etc. Teachers run out of this stuff all the time!

#4 Caffeine Supply

Every teacher can never have enough caffeine. Whatever their favorite is (coffee, tea, pop, energy drinks) stock them up in a decorative basket. It will be a humorous, yet very appreciative gift!

#5 Relaxation

Most teachers are stressed or go through many stressful times. Why not give them a gift for relaxation such as a spa gift card, a neck massager, or nice bubble bath/lotions.

#6 Wine

Wine is always a go-to when giving gifts for teachers. They can take it home and enjoy with their significant other! You can’t go wrong with buying a bottle of wine!

#7 Tote Bag

Every teacher needs a big enough bag to carry all of their supplies, papers, and grading books in. Get your teacher a nice big tote bag. If you want to be really creative, personalize it with their name and a cute design next to it!

#8 Travel Drink Mug

Get your teacher a customized coffee or travel mug that’s based around their interests. If they like sports, have it designed with their favorite team’s logo on it. If they like dogs, get a dog print design. You can literally find a design for any interests!

#9 Giftcards

If you really can’t think of anything for your teacher, gift cards are always a nice gift to receive. Restaurants, coffee places, and experiences for them to do is always a fun and exciting idea!

#10 Favorite Things Basket

Why not give your teacher a basket full of their favorite things? Put some of their favorite snacks, drinks, pens, knickknacks, and more!


Here’s just 10 different things you can get your favorite teachers this year before the holidays! All teachers will appreciate any of these gifts. Make sure you show your appreciation to all of your teachers somehow. They deserve it!


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Stephanie Hamilton