December 13, 2019


Christmas break is quickly approaching and that’s all you’re looking forward to, BUT WAIT! You still have so much to do before vacation. How do you even begin to manage everything without stressing out a little bit? My School Dance has 5 tips for all of you teachers out there just trying to make it through until break!


Start working on your end-of-the-year tasks early on. Don’t wait until last minute to do all of that paperwork and grading.

Simplify your tasks. Set deadlines for yourself and make sure to stick to them. Break down your large projects into smaller ones so it seems easier for you to accomplish them in a timely manner.

Create a list of tasks for you to accomplish. Don’t make mental lists because a lot of times, you’ll continue piling up tasks in your head that you’ll end up forgetting a few of them.

Use your prep period, lunch hours, and after school time to get little, not so important, tasks down. This way you’re getting them out of the way and they usually don’t take as much time as a more rigorous task.

Don’t overload yourself. If you feel tired, stressed, or just need a break TAKE ONE. Get up from your desk area, take a walk, get some coffee or tea, go have a 5 minute conversation with a friend, go on a run, etc. Find some way that you can clear your mind for a few minutes and you will feel so rejuvenated.


All of these are quick, simple tips that truly will help you relieve some stress before the holiday season. Teachers are tasked with so much work that it becomes overwhelming very easily. It’s important to take some time for yourself and make sure your own health and wellness is good.


Try some of these tips out and let us know which ones you tested out! We love hearing from our hardworking teachers. My School Dance wants you all to enjoy your holiday break and take time for yourself!


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Stephanie Hamilton