November 29, 2019


Unfortunately, many schools across the country have experienced some type of student activity funds being stolen from them. If you google, “stolen school funds,” you’ll see a list of stories about it. Seriously, it’s ridiculous! There has to be a way schools can ensure their school activity funds aren’t getting stolen. My School Dance has you covered!


Our platform specializes in helping schools manage dances and events in a more organized and efficient way. One of our main features is online ticket sales. We pride ourselves on this because of how secure the ticket sales are for schools. Schools can choose to have direct deposit set up or choose to receive checks bi-weekly, monthly, or even after the dance! By using direct deposit, My School Dance doesn’t see the money at all. Once a ticket is purchased, the money goes directly into the school’s account right away! You don’t have to wait a week or so for the book keeper to go to the bank to deposit it.


This is also beneficial because it eliminates the problem of students or teachers selling dance tickets during their lunch hour or before/after school. Many schools still use a cashbox and have teachers or students handling the money. That could be thousands of dollars depending on the price of the dance tickets. This is usually how a lot of money is stolen. On top of this, students and teachers aren’t getting a lunch hour to actually eat and enjoy themselves.


Unlike other school dance managing platforms, My School Dance uses Stripe, who’s the same payment processor that Amazon, Facebook, and Opentable use! By setting your school up for direct deposit, you won’t run into the issue of potentially losing your money. Plus, you’ll receive your money right away and will be able to use it to purchase decorations, put down deposits on a venue, pay the DJ, etc.


Start managing dances the smarter and more secure way. Students work hard for big events like Prom and they deserve a night out. Don’t risk the chance of your funds being stolen by managing your dance the old-fashioned way. My School Dance is free for all schools to use. We want to make the lives easier on our teachers and students, not more complicated! Check us out today!


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Stephanie Hamilton