is an innovative platform designed to streamline the management of school events, particularly dances, which are organized by the schools themselves. This comprehensive service ensures a seamless, electronic, and secure approach to planning and executing school dances, offering an array of features aimed at saving time and enhancing the event experience for students, parents, and school administrators.

Key services include:

COPPA Compliance: is committed to protecting the privacy of its users, especially children. The platform strictly adheres to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) laws, ensuring a safe online environment for all users.

Electronic Ticketing: The platform offers an efficient electronic ticketing system that simplifies the process of purchasing and managing tickets, making it convenient for students and parents.

Payment Handling Options: Beyond ticketing, facilitates various payment handling options for different event-related expenses, providing a streamlined financial management system.

Student/Parent Agreements: The service includes features for creating and managing agreements between students, parents, and the school to ensure all parties understand the event rules and expectations.

Table Assignments & Catering Requests: Organizers can easily manage table assignments and cater to specific catering requests, ensuring a well-organized event layout and satisfying dining experience.

Royalty Voting: The platform supports royalty voting, allowing students to vote for their peers in a secure and confidential manner.

Text Messaging for Arrival and Departure: To enhance safety and coordination, offers a text messaging feature that notifies when students arrive at and depart from the dance.
Student Hold List: Administrators can manage a student hold list, ensuring that only eligible students can participate in the event.

Out of School Student Tickets: The platform can accommodate the issuance of tickets to students from other schools, subject to the hosting school’s policies.

Full Accounting: provides full accounting capabilities for the event, ensuring transparency and ease of budget management.

Communication Tools: With an array of communication tools, the platform ensures that students, parents, and staff are kept up-to-date with the latest dance information, enhancing engagement and participation.

In essence, is not just a ticketing solution but a robust platform that addresses all facets of event management, from logistics to communication, ensuring that school dances are memorable, well-organized, and enjoyable for everyone involved.