December 6, 2019


Brighten your student’s holiday season and enlighten them with educational lesson plans about all the holidays during this time of year, not just Christmas. Teach them about Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ashura, Pongal, and New Years. There’s so many fun activities that you can do before the holiday break starts! Let’s get to it:



  • Have students investigate the Victorian period and study the history behind Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.
  • For theatre/art students, have them act out scenes from the play or draw characters.
  • Have students create their own Christmas alliterations or poems.


  • Have students learn about the history behind Hanukkah, how it got started, and the different traditions that are associated with the holiday.
  • Teach your class how to play dreidel and split them up into groups to play.
  • Have students research different traditional recipes and attempt to make them for a food day.


  • Have students do research on the meaning of Kwanzaa and what it entails.
  • Split your students up into groups and assign each group one of the seven principles of Kwanzaa. Have them research and present their principle to the class.
  • Create a trivia game based around Kwanzaa and have your whole class play it.


  • Learn about the history behind Ashura.
  • Have students research a part of the holiday and give more detail about it to the class.
  • Have students meditate in class or learn about the practice of meditation.


  • Have your students study the solar calendar.
  • Do an activity involving everyone’s zodiac signs and relate them to the holiday.
  • Learn about and make foods from the festival to sample in class when learning about it.

New Years

  • Have students write about and share their New Years Eve traditions and see how they differ with one another.
  • Research the real reasons why we celebrate a new year, not just the Hallmark ones.
  • Have students each look up different cultural groups to see what their traditions on New Years are.


Make sure you introduce your students to all of the major holidays this season. It’s important for them to learn more about other holidays that aren’t talked about as much! Use one of our activities above for your lesson plan.


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Stephanie Hamilton