“You have literally saved me so many headaches.  This is an amazing service, and I am thankful every single day that Mr. Griffin ran into you at that conference!”

Keli Gunn
High School English

“As a member of Student Council for three years, I’ve witnessed how stressful it is to plan dances. My School Dance not only provided an easy and affordable way to distribute tickets but also made it more assessable for every student to purchase them!”

Claire Booth
High School Teacher
Park City High School

“What an amazing product you offer! We had prom and it went off without a hitch. My admin was super impressed with our ticket system. I love that I was able to easily call a parent when the son had not yet arrived. Check in and out was a breeze. Yay!”

Nicole Garcia
High School Teacher
Trinity Preparatory School

“We used this to set up our Father-Daughter and Mother-Son school dances. It provided us with the organization, easy payment and tracking that we needed while saving loads of time and paper. Greatly saved time consuming work for staff! We loved implementing this system for our school dances and plan to use it again!”

Helen Wagner
Speech Language Pathologist
CCBOE: Primary/Secondary Education

“I wanted to let you know how incredibly prompt, helpful, patient and kind Taylor Buckley was with me. I sent a message to this email address for help and Taylor was on it immediately.  She worked with me literally ALL DAY to make this happen and ensure my daughter and her date could make it to the dance.  I can’t tell you how many emails we exchanged and she was always so nice and helpful even when I started to freak out a little.  She just kept assuring me that she’d be able to make it happen if we worked together. Thank you so much for everything.  I really appreciate her!”

Ali Davies

“This makes a huge difference in preparing dances. We no longer have a huge long line waiting for admittance. It’s a shortened thing due to having those prepaid tickets. Love it!! No one likes having the cash thrown at them from before!!”

Audra Warren
Admissions Assistant
Augusta University

“I loved the fact that the developers/company have thought of almost every kind of situation. The customer service is top notch. This program was so easy to use and helped ease the chaos of check-in/out.”

Shannon Kelly
Administrative Assistant
Verona Area High School