We know Prom is one of your school’s biggest events for students and you’ve been planning all year long! For an event this big, you really need to start planning far in advance to ensure you get everything just right. My School Dance created an ultimate Prom planning timeline for you to stick to so you don’t stress about what needs to be done by when. Let’s get to it:


6-10 Months Prior to Prom

During this time, you should create your Prom committee and subcommittees. Once that’s done, figure out your entire budget for the dance and get that finalized with whoever is in charge of your school’s bank account. Next, choose the date of your Prom. Make sure to go through your school’s calendar to ensure there’s no other events on the same night. After the date is solidified, it’s time to choose a theme! You then can begin to fundraise and raise money for the dance!


4-5 Months Prior

This is where you get a lot of your specialities booked! The biggest one being your venue. Make sure to seek out different venues and book one for the date you chose. Then, you can choose a caterer if you plan on having food. Next, book your entertainment such as a DJ, band, photographer, etc. If your school is planning on having a Post-Prom Event, you’ll need to plan for that during these months too.


2-3 Months Prior

Choose your Prom decorations and have them ordered. Design your ticket and invitations for the dance. If you want extra safety, book security for the night of the dance. Seek out volunteers to chaperone the dance whether they’re parents or teachers. Order all favors, decor, invites, and any other supplies you haven’t to ensure you receive them by the day of the dance.


1 Month Prior

If your school uses invitations, send them out. Verify with all of your specialty companies the date and time (DJ, Band, Photographer, Caterer, etc.). Figure out the floor plan and seating area. If you have assigned seats, do that during this month. Begin to sell your tickets a few weeks out to give students a chance to gather the money. Create an event checklist for the day of to ensure everything is in place and you won’t forget anything.


1 Week Prior

Finalize a general headcount for the venue. Confirm once again with all specialty companies about the date and time they are to arrive. Assemble all of the decorations for prep.


2-3 Days Prior

Pick up last minute things, if needed. If allowed by the venue, begin to decorate the room.


Day Of Prom

Pick up last minute decorations. Finish setting up for the dance. Help speciality companies get set up in their correct locations. Run through your dance checklist to make sure you didn’t forget anything. Relax, and enjoy what you created!


My School Dance knows how difficult planning a huge event like Prom is. We created our platform to provide teachers, like you, extra help and less stress. You can utilize our platform to save over 25 hours in managing Prom this year. Plus, our platform is free. Let us help make Prom managing enjoyable for you!


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