January 3, 2020


Over the past year, something I’ve noticed a lot of dance planners struggle with is how to publicize their school dance. Me being a marketing manager, thought I could give all dance planners some helpful tidbits when it comes to the best way to market your school’s dances and events. Let’s get started!


  1. Social Media-If your school doesn’t have their own social media pages, then that’s step one for you. The hot platforms for schools to be on are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The majority of students are on all of these platforms and check them regularly. Create creative content about the dance and post all over social media. Students will likely see these posts more than seeing a flyer hanging up in the cafeteria. Some things to post: dance theme, decor, polls for music selection, voting polls, members of the dance court, details, and throwbacks to past dances.
  2. Email Marketing– Have your school’s Communication Associate draft up a crafty email all about the dance. You can do a series where you send an email once a week, once every two weeks, or even do once a month leading up to the dance. You can send these emails out to parents and students!
  3. Club Contests– Want to get students more involved with the dances? For each dance, have a club contest related to the theme of the dance. For example, which club can create the best decoration for a Great Gatsby themed Prom. Then give the winner a pizza party or money towards their club. If it’s a fun contest, more clubs will want to participate which will bring more students in.
  4. Mascot– When ticket sales start happening for the dance, have one student participate to be the dance’s themed mascot. Have this person dress up and walk around handing out flyers or some little knickknack at lunch. If the person stands out, more students will be talking about them.
  5. Businesses– Go around to local businesses to try to get donations whether that’s money, decor, entertainment, etc. Then, promote these local businesses on your website and social media. Have the local businesses hang up a flyer of the dance in their shops as well!


Marketing a school dance should be fun to do! If it becomes a hassle, then you’re doing something wrong. When it comes to the content creation for the social posts, have students get more involved by creating content for it. They’ll have fun while doing it and be more excited about attending the dance.


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Stephanie Hamilton