January 17, 2020


When you are in charge of planning and managing your school’s Prom, it’s hard to understand everything that it entails. However, one of the biggest things to consider for Prom is the venue! A lot of schools have different venues when it comes to this formal dance. How do you know which one is right for your school?


When it comes to your school, are you considered a big school or a small school? My School Dance considers small schools to be 500 students or less. A big school is 500+. Now that you have decided on your school size, it’s time to start thinking about the proper venue. One thing to consider is if you’re allowing your students to bring out of school dates. If you do, you’ll have to increase your school size so you’re accommodating enough space with more students. If you don’t allow students to bring out of school guests, then you don’t have to worry about it!


When choosing your venue, you’ll want to make sure the venue location isn’t too far of a drive for students. I’d highly recommend nothing over a 30 minute drive for students. If the venue location is too far, a lot of students will not go.


Small Schools

If you have a small school, you might want to just stick to somewhere local like your school’s gym or cafeteria. However, a lot of students aim to have their Prom at a different location than the school. I’d suggest looking at local community centers, halls, and hotels. With a smaller amount of students, you can get a smaller venue room.


Big Schools

If you have a big school, you aren’t going to want to cram all of your students and volunteers in a small gym or cafeteria. You’ll want to look for an outside venue! Convention centers, bigger restaurants, halls, outdoor pavilions, parks, or even big boats! All of these venue options have been huge hits in the past for bigger schools.


When you start looking into your venue options some things to consider are:


  • Is the venue location available for your desired date and time?
  • What’s the cost for the venue?
  • Maximum capacity size for the venue?
  • Are there any amenities onsite?
  • What type of lighting is available and will you need additional lighting?
  • Is the building secure?
  • Can you bring in your own DJ, Catering,¬†Photo booths, etc.?
  • Who handles setting up and cleaning up?
  • How early can you arrive to prepare?
  • Are their any package deals for booking?


It’s important to take into account all of these questions when you book one of the top things for Prom. I would suggest looking at multiple places first before choosing your destination. That way you get a feel for a variety of environments and deals. If your school needs help making the management process for Prom easier, sign your school up with My School Dance for free!¬†


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Stephanie Hamilton