October 4, 2019


It’s officially Spooky Season and you know what that means! Time to bust out all of the fun fall activities for your students to participate in! No need to stop fall activities once students get to middle and high school. There’s activities for all ages! Check out some of My School Dance’s favorite ones below:


Elementary School Students

  • Arts and Crafts: Pinterest has thousands beyond thousands of crafty fall activities for your students. Choose which one best meets your classroom needs and go with it!
  • Pumpkin/Apple Picking: Visit your local orchard and have students have a fun-filled fall day.
  • Fruit Festivals: Check your local area to see when or if there’s a nearby fruit festival going on. Kids will love to visit these.


Middle School Students

  • Halloween Play: You can find local theaters that are hosting some type of Halloween/Fall play or musical. Bring your students to one of these! Check with your local high school to see if they’re putting any on too.
  • Exotic Animal Farm: If you have one close by this is a big hit with students. Students love to learn about animals and see them in person!
  • Fall Scavenger Hunt: Relate the scavenger hunt to the subject you teach. Have students group up and search for specific things.


High School Students

  • Giving Back: Work with a local charity and have your students do a volunteer day during the fall holidays.
  • Hiking: This is great for any science class. Have your students go to a National Park to hike and learn about the different animal and plant life.
  • Halloween Dance: Host a fall-themed dance for your high school students. Make it a costume contest to add more participation!


Having interactive activities is extremely important for all age levels. There’s so many options out there, you just have to explore them! If you want more ideas, always ask your student’s for their opinions too! Once your activity or trip is in place, use My School Dance’s platform to sell your tickets online and use our digital permission slips. This will save you lots of time and energy!


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Stephanie Hamilton