July 19, 2019


The school year is quickly approaching! Do you have all of your field trip ideas planned out for the year? Field trips are educational experiences for the students in a different setting other than in the classroom. It’s important for the students to get to interact in a new area and have fun at the same time. Instead of doing the same class trips, why not try out something new? My School Dance wants to encourage teachers to create more field trips and activities that make the students engage with one another. Here are some ideas:


  • Theater PerformancesLive theater can provide students with a different outlook compared to television or radio. Try to have students read the story beforehand and analyze the main parts in the production afterwards. 
  • Landfills/Recycling PlantThis might not seem like the most exciting trip to the students, but recycling plants can be very interesting. A trip like this will open the student’s eyes to a new concept they might have not thought about.
  • RestaurantsThis is a great idea for any foreign language teachers out there. Take your class to a local restaurant that specializes in the food of the culture the students are learning about. Have the students test out their skills by ordering their food in the language you’re teaching them.
  • Outdoor/EnvironmentDepending on where you’re located, take your students on an outdoor adventure. This could be exploring a national park, bird watching, touring a cave, or even going on a hike. 
  • MuseumsExplore a local museum depending on what your students are learning. This could be an art, history, science, or even foreign language museum.
  • FarmsWho doesn’t love going to a local farm to go apple-picking or find pumpkins? I know this was my favorite fall field trip when I was in school! A lot of farms have educational experiences that are also a lot of fun for the students.
  • VolunteerInstead of a normal class field trip, schedule a volunteer day at a local non-profit. Have your class vote on the non-profit they want to go to and plan one day for the whole class to volunteer. It’s a great way to get out of the classroom and to do something good for the community. 
  • Back To School DancePlan a school dance at a local event venue for the students. Dances are a great way to get students to engage with one another and just have fun! 


Try to find field trips that are either free for the students or have a lower cost student-rate. This way it’s more likely to get approved by the school board and more students will be able to go. It can be difficult to manage a lot of field trips, especially if you have a big class. Try out My School Dance’s platform to manage your school’s field trips. Students are able to purchase their tickets online and sign all of their permission slips online too. This way you have an easier way to ensure everything for the field trips are in one place and you don’t have to do as much work!


The platform is free for schools to use! If you want to learn more about My School Dance, just schedule a 10 minute demo. Sign your school up today so you can start managing your school’s field trips now!


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Stephanie Hamilton