June 28th, 2019


Teachers have numerous amounts of tasks that they have to complete all throughout the week. It’s exhausting just thinking about all of the work they have to do, but how do they even begin managing their time better? My School Dance believes time-management is key to successfully getting work accomplished and staying sane at the same time. We included some awesome time-saving tips that teachers all over can use:


  • Plan Your Day: This may seem like a basic task that isn’t really important, but it definitely is! As a teacher all of your time is precious. Create a daily schedule of everything that you want to get accomplished from the hour you start work to the hour you leave. By having a set schedule, you can make sure you’re staying on top of your work and not forgetting to complete any tasks.
  • Manage Papers: Imagine how many papers teachers receive? How are you even supposed to keep all of them organized and not loose any assignments? Create a filing system where you color-code/label everything. This way it’s easy to go back and find an assignment when needed. 
  • One-Touch Rule: Use the One-Touch rule where if you touch something like a stack of papers, grade them. If you click on your email, respond to all messages. If you grab your calendar, plan out your week. 
  • Unintentional Breaks: Try to take out a few additional breaks like checking social media, conversing with a coworker, or watching TV. You can use this time to  focus on getting something else accomplished. 


Staying organized and being on top of your game is crucial as a teacher. My School Dance is always trying to find new ways to help teachers with time-management since we know how busy teachers are! If you’re a teacher that manages any school events, we’ve got you covered with saving time! Try out our software today for free! 


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Stephanie Hamilton