May 24, 2019


Many people think managing a big event is just another basic task that anyone can do, but they’re wrong. Managing an event, like a dance, entails a lot of time and hard work. What also comes with managing an event are mistakes. A lot of them. However, mistakes are there so we’re able to learn and correct them for next time. I wanted to provide our readers with some of the biggest event managing mistakes that people make and solutions to them! Check them out below:


“What-ifs”– This is honestly one of the biggest mistakes planners do. Usually, during an event there’s always one or two hiccups or curveballs that gets thrown at the planner. Some planners aren’t prepared for this and stress out because they don’t know what to do.

Solution: Sit down with your team before the event and come up with “what-ifs.” What if the caterer doesn’t show up or what if the DJ is sick? You need to constantly be prepared and know what to do when an issue arises. 


Budgeting– Many planners don’t come up with an actual budget sheet. They just have a number in their head and figure out things that could work without writing it all down into a chart.

Solution: Grab a budgeting template online from My School Dance’s Pinterest Page or on Google. Lay out how much can be spent for every single thing associated with the event and do not go over that range.


Communication– Miscommunication happens all the time. Especially with an event like a school dance.  The dance planner might forget to confirm with their vendors. What if the DJ forgot or an issue arose?

Solution: Dance planners should constantly be in communication with anyone and everyone associated with the dance. This could be through text, phone calls, email, social media, etc. You want to make sure everyone in is the loop.


Walkthroughs– Many planners don’t realize how important a walkthrough is for vendors. Vendors that you bring in need to know the type of space they’ll be in so they are able to plan accordingly.

Solution: Set up a walkthrough day and time early on in your calendar with the vendors. This will allow both you and them to get a better idea of how the night of the event will play out. 


There are many other mistakes that people make when managing an event, but these are the top 4 My School Dance has seen. My School Dance wants to ensure mistakes like these don’t happen to you. We want you to have a smooth and stress-free event managing process. If you’re looking for a new way to manage your school’s event, check out our website. Our platform is free for schools to use! Let’s stop making managing mistakes together!


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Stephanie Hamilton