May 31, 2019


It’s important to keep students connected, collaborating, and engaged throughout your lesson plans. Especially towards the end of the school year when students are getting antsy about summer approaching. Check out these 5 ways to get students more engaged in the classroom:


  • Warm-Ups: Before beginning your lessons for the day, have your students do a 5-10 minute warm-up. It could even be as simple as having them get up and do a few stretches. It’s important to get them to get up and move so they’re awaken and ready to go.
  • Team-Building: Group your class into small groups for a 10 minute team-building exercise. This gets them interacting with one another and using their brains at the same time.
  • Music: Add some type of music in your classroom. This calms your students and is a good way to put them in a good mood. Either have music playing in the background or just play it for the first couple minutes of class.
  • Mixed Teaching Styles: If you continue to use the same type of teaching style, it could bore the students. Try to mix it up a couple days a week to make your classroom more lively.
  • Quizzes/Polls: After you cover a certain topic, divide your students into groups and quiz them. Once again, they’ll be working as a team and staying engaged. 


There’s so many other ways you can get students more engaged in the classroom too. Pinterest has some awesome options if you ever run out of ideas. Even if you start small and just add a few of these ideas, you’ll notice a difference in your student’s engagement. These are going to help you get the most from the learning environment.


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Stephanie Hamilton