July 5, 2019


I know it doesn’t seem like it, but summer is almost half-way over for some of you! Isn’t that crazy? Summer break always goes by so fast, but that just means we get to tackle another school year!


While preparing for the school year, if you’re a teacher who manages school dances and events, you might want to start coming up with good fundraising ideas for your fall events now! Most schools use candy bars or popcorn sales as their fundraisers, but My School Dance is here to provide you with some fresh, new ideas! Check them out:


  1. School Apparel: High schoolers have the most pride in their school. Why not create some school apparel for the students/parents to purchase. Not only are you promoting your school, but you’re also going to be able to make a decent amount of money from this fundraiser.
  2. Coffee Bar: Who needs coffee more than high schoolers and teachers? Have a coffee bar right away in the morning when students walk in. 
  3. No Uniform Day: If your school requires school uniforms, allow the students to pay a certain amount of money to get to wear normal clothes for that day. Most students will be eager for a change!
  4. Pie In The Face: Students love fun ways to get back at their teachers or administration. Have teachers/faculty volunteer to be pied in the face. Charge students a few dollars to get to pie whatever teacher they want.
  5. Principal Challenge: Get your Principal to agree to a specific challenge they will do if students raise a certain amount of money. This challenge could be dying their hair, cutting their hair, getting dunked in a dunk tank, doing something silly, etc. 
  6. Dance Off: Host a dance off in the gym or cafeteria and charge students a few dollars to participate. Have a prize or something that the winner gets at the end.
  7. Host A Run: Charge participants money to run a 5K or 10K. Make it a fun theme to get more people involved like a Color Run, Hot Chocolate Run, Bubble Run, etc. 
  8. Parent Night Out: Have a night out for parents by partnering with a local restaurant and get a percentage of profits for everyone that eats there from the school. This is a great way to get the parents involved and to have a fun night out!
  9. Video Game Tournament: Most students will enjoy competing with one another at a video game tournament. Choose the most popular game and create a tournament night where students can watch and participate. 
  10. Teachers vs Students: Choose a sport like basketball and host a teachers vs students game. Charge people to come in to watch the game and to participate. This is a popular idea that a lot of students enjoy. 


There are so many fundraisers that schools can use to raise money for activities. It’s important to choose a few of these things and try to get as much money as you can. This way you can use it for school dances, field trips, and other events.


While your school is fundraising, create your school’s event on My School Dance so you can begin managing right away! If your school isn’t signed up for My School Dance, sign up here for free!


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Stephanie Hamilton