October 18, 2019


Every school should have an extensive school dance budget. Without having a budget, schools are going to struggle when it comes to the planning process of their dances. Here’s a few steps to consider when creating your school’s dance budget for each event!


  1. Potential Dance Income: You need to come together and try to guess how much income your school will make per dance. This will allow you to figure out how much money you can allocate to certain things. You want to have goals for how many students will be attending. You can shoot for 75-80% of your students as a common goal. Look at past dances and see how many students attended and create numbers based on that. 
  2. Expenses: Create a list of all of your expenses for the dance. Think about the DJ, food, decorations, entertainment, venue, promotional material, etc. Come up with a general estimate for each topic. 
  3. Expenses and How They Contribute: After you’re done with your expense lists, ask yourself how much these expenses actually contribute to the dance. What was the feedback from the last dance? What did the students like/dislike? Do people leave early for reasons such as a bad DJ/food/decorations? 
  4. Consistency: Making sure you’re staying consistent with everything is crucial. It’s important to divide your budget up in a logical way. What expense is going to be the most important to the students? Most likely, the answer is going to be the DJ. 


After creating your school’s dance budget, you’ll want to start planning right away. This is smart because expenses book up fast and you will want to make sure that you are booking the expenses that you wanted originally. Nobody wants to settle for their second or third options.


If you use My School Dance as your managing platform, you’ll be able to spend more time figuring out what DJ to get or what decoration theme to go with. My School Dance allows you to save more time and provide a better management process for everyone. Sign your school up today for free!


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