July 12, 2019


The classroom environment is truly an important part for the student’s development. It’s important to make your classroom exactly how you want the mood in the room to be. This could be happy, calm, educational, or even all of the above! It’s your classroom, so make it your own! My School Dance wanted to provide some helpful tips and ideas for you to get creative with your classroom!


  • ColorfulEven something as simple as adding color in your room will make it seem more appealing to the students. I’m not saying to do all neon colors, cause that would be way too bright. However, add a few in here and there with some base colors and you’ll be set!
  • Lesson PlansIncorporate your current lesson plans on your wall somehow! If your class is reading a certain book, create a bulletin board to go along with it. It will help get them more engaged in the reading and it’s still educational.
  • OrganizationStaying organized is key here! Obviously, classrooms are being used all the time and get messy. We get that. However, it’s important to ensure your classroom stays organized and looks neat. A messy classroom can cause stress on the students!
  • SeasonsDecorate your room based on the seasons and holidays that are going on. It gets the students in the holiday spirit and makes them feel more at home. Plus, who doesn’t like decorating their classroom depending on the season?
  • PicturesTake a class photo and hang it up in your room. Or have students include one picture of themselves and hang them all up on a wall in the classroom. This not only adds visuals to your classroom, but also will excite the students to see they’re all included. 


Having fun classroom decorations will definitely make a difference in your classroom vibe. You can always test different decorations out and if you don’t like one, just change it! Pinterest is a great way to find some DIY classroom decor ideas. Start looking now so you’re ready and prepared when the school year begins soon!


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Stephanie Hamilton