June 21st, 2019


Creating a thriving learning environment is crucial in student development. Many teachers seek to have a positive classroom area so students can learn and grow. It can be difficult at first to figure out different ways to make this possible, but it definitely is a possible thing to do. After all, teachers can do anything! 


My School Dance collected different teacher tips on ways to create a positive classroom community for you and your students.


  • Build RelationshipsIt’s important to show that you are seen as someone students can go to when they need to talk to someone or when they need help. Don’t feel the need to rush right into new content. Take time to create these relationships. After all, you’ll inspire a lot of students by doing this.
  • Let Students Make DecisionsEven at young ages, it’s important to allow students to make their own decisions and learn from them. It gives them a positive feeling and makes them feel like they contributed to something. 
  • DecorAllow your students to help decorate your classroom. After all, they’ll be spending most of their year in this room. It will help make them feel more at home by having their own artwork/decorations displayed. 
  • NewsletterA great way to create good communication and fun in the classroom is by creating a monthly newsletter with your class. Have a few fun topics like a star student where you feature a short paragraph about them, fun quote of the week, and an educational fact. This will allow them to work together to create this and it builds a better culture in the classroom. 
  • QualitiesEvery once in awhile think of some of the best qualities for each student. Write them down on a piece of paper and place it on their desks. This way the first thing they read that morning will be positive qualities about themselves. Their moods will be positive and they’ll feel good about themselves. 


There are plenty other ways to create a positive classroom community, but just select a few of your favorite and start there. You want your students to feel welcome and comfortable in the classroom. Plus, by having a good learning environment, you’ll come in with just as much positivity as the students!


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Stephanie Hamilton