June 7, 2019


We know the school year is coming to an end and you’re eager for your summer break to finally start. However, we all know most teachers don’t just jump into their summer break right away. After all, you have a teacher’s mindset! We know you’re constantly thinking of new ways to better your teaching lessons or fun things you can do for your students. You always want to prepare in advance and get ahead on some of your tasks for next school year. Why not prepare now while you’re still in the same school year mindset? Here’s a few ways you can begin preparing for the next school year:


  • School Supplies: While school is ending, try to stock up on all of the school supplies that are on sale. Gradually buy a few things you’ll need every week so you don’t have to purchase them full price at the start of the school year.
  • Bulletin Boards: Take down your old bulletin boards and set up your new ones for next year. Create something fun for “Back to School” time and have that set up and ready to go.
  • Lesson Plans & Activities: Come up with “Back to School” lesson plans and activities where you can get to know your students right away. Pinterest has some fun ice-breakers that you can use!
  • Take-Home Papers: Create a folder for each student with the typical “take-home papers” that you pass out during the first week of school. Organize them in a folder to hand to each student on the first day so they don’t lose them.
  • Year Long Outline: Reflect on the good’s and bad’s of last year and plan out a year long outline of things you want to cover throughout the year. This will help you when you create a detailed lesson plan.
  • Substitute Packets: Create a folder with activities/lesson plans for your substitute to do if you’re sick or absent one day. This way you aren’t coming up with something on the fly. 
  • Homecoming Planning: If you’re in charge of managing your school’s Homecoming dance, begin now by selecting the basic information. Start creating your dance on My School Dance’s website to be ready for the first few weeks of school.


Planning months in advance is always the best thing to do if you want to stay organized and be in control for your school year. I’m not saying to give up your entire summer plans, but every once in awhile set aside some time to figure certain things out and get some tasks done so you’re not rushed in the fall.


Once your planning is accomplished, take a break and enjoy your much needed summer off knowing that you are all set for next school year!


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Stephanie Hamilton