Homecoming is one of the best events throughout your high school career! The Pep rallies, spirit week, school dance, football game, parade, and more is always exciting. It was like a week long party celebrating your home town! Now that it’s going to be approaching soon, you need to start planning for it! Are you on the Homecoming Committee at your school? Or maybe you’re the dance sponsor in charge of organizing this dance? Organizing a dance can be an exhausting task, but My School Dance is here to give some inspiring theme ideas for you! If you want to get the rest of the students involved, choose a few themes and have them vote for their favorite one!



Show off your school’s classy side with a sweet, yet simple Garden Party Homecoming. Get some fake flowers from the store so you don’t spend lots of money on real ones. You can also make a lot of DIY flower decorations for this theme. My School Dance’s Pinterest Page has a lot of floral decor ideas. Decorate the ceiling with lights, umbrellas, or dangling flowers. You can make the color scheme pastel colors too!



Break out the disco ball, lights, and colorful decor for this theme! You don’t have to make the attire disco themed, but that would be fun too! Throw in some classic disco music to get everyone in the spirit. You can find a lot of unique decorations at local thrift stores so you don’t have to go over your budget!



Embrace the season and create a fall themed dance. This will be easy because everything you need will already be in stores! Do a olive green, brown, and orange color scheme. If you want to be really creative, have students carve and decorate pumpkins as decorations for the dance. Serve apple cider and have bobbing for apples as an activity.



This may be overused, but who doesn’t love a good Candyland theme? Just imagine dancing around with dangling licorice, colorful lollipops, and chocolate fountains everywhere. Ask local candy stores to donate different types of candy for the dance so you can save on money!



Want to be mysterious and enjoy the night without having to know who is who? Make your theme Masquerade. You can choose a rich color scheme like royal blues, purples, and golds for this. You can even make it a black and white color scheme. Either have students decorate their own masks or have ones you can hand out to the students when they walk in.



Create a safari themed Homecoming this year! You can ask your school’s art classes to create trees, vines, and other greenery as the main source of decorations. Have animal print decor such as leopard, cheetah, and zebra prints. You can find a lot of decorations for a Jungle themed Homecoming at your local party stores, Anderson’s, or even Etsy.



Create a yellow brick road leading up into the school dance. Have red slippers on display and a big DIY tornado as the centerpiece for the dance. You can create pictures of the characters in the movie and display them on the walls too. Create an Emerald City backdrop for students to take pictures or you know, selfies!



This is probably one of the easier themes to do on a low budget because a lot of the stuff can be DIY. You can find cheap cowboy/cowgirl hats from a dollar store that you can hand out to students. Create some hay barrels and a barn backdrop for photos! You can even slip in some country line dancing for the students to learn.



Instead of doing a typical Under the Sea themed, why not try something more creative? Use the God of Sea as your Homecoming’s theme. Make the color scheme different shades of blues and greens. You can create different sea horses, artifacts, an underwater ship background, and more.



Almost everyone has heard of the movie Grease! If you haven’t, no worries! Students will still get the gist of the 1950’s rock n’ roll theme! Create a diner-like atmosphere with milkshakes served, 50’s music blaring, and poodle skirt servers. Bring a band in for this one and have them wear leather jackets to fit the theme!


It’s important to tie your Homecoming together with an awesome and unique theme! By having a committee in place, you’ll be able to accomplish all of these themes! Remember, think creatively and always plan enough time to figure out your decorations!


For some awesome ideas for decorations be sure to check out My School Dance’s Pinterest Page, Anderson’s, and Etsy! Once your committee chooses the theme, start managing your Homecoming with My School Dance for free! Might as well stay under the budget and still get help managing this event!


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