September 7, 2018


Hello again! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Stephanie Hamilton and I am the Media & Marketing Specialist with My School Dance. As most of you should know, IT’S HOMECOMING SEASON!


Is your school preparing for their upcoming Homecoming dance? Did you pair up with My School Dance to plan and figure out what theme works best for your school? Well if you haven’t, that’s Step 1 on my list of planning your perfect dance! Once you sign up, start exploring the millions of potential dance themes there are. This is one of my favorite parts because it’s the opportunity for your school to be unique and come up with something super creative.


Choosing a theme for your dance is one of the most exciting parts! Will it be a Luau, Vegas Night, or Under the Sea themed?  The possibilities are endless!


The theme is what brings your dance to life! You want to make sure you’re up-to-date on the latest trends to make your Homecoming stand out. Below are a few tips and questions you should ask yourself when choosing the theme:


  • What time of year is the dance taking place? Is your Homecoming dance during a specific month that has a well-known holiday? If so, you could always incorporate the holiday as your theme for the dance.
  • What sorts of decorations could you use with this theme? Once you narrow down your theme, you have to start brainstorming specific decorations that could work with it. Can you do streamers? What are the colors for your theme?
  • What is your budget for decorations? Having a budget for decorations is important because without a budget, you will spend so much money decoration shopping. You’ll keep seeing decorations you like that “don’t cost that much”, but it all adds up. Make a set spreadsheet of how much you are able to spend and what decorations you want to get.
  • Can the decorations be DIY or do you need to go out and buy them? After creating a budget plan, decide whether some of your decorations can be do-it-yourself ones or if you actually have to go buy them. Many schools save a lot of money by using the DIY method.
  • Research theme ideas on Pinterest– Pinterest is a great site to get ideas for the possible themes you can do with your budget. They even give multiple sources to know exactly where they purchased a specific decoration. Check out My School Dance’s Pinterest page for great How-To Ideas!
  • Run a poll of your top three favorite themes and let students vote for the winner– If you can’t decide what theme to do, create a social media poll, and have students vote for it. This way you’re including the students in the planning process.


Remember, have fun while choosing your school’s Homecoming theme! It shouldn’t be stressful. If your school needs help planning a dance or event, My School Dance is your go-to.



Stephanie Hamilton