September 6, 2019


Every year, students, faculty, and the community all come together to celebrate something known as Homecoming. Homecoming is a school celebration that involves the entire community participating in things such as football games, parades, tailgating, school dances, spirit week, and more! This is an exciting time for a lot of the students because they’re able to get so involved with the rest of the community. Many schools participate in the same type of events, but it’s always nice to change it up every once in awhile. I’m not saying to stop doing one of your most popular events that go along with Homecoming, but add some extra spice to them!


Spirit Week

Getting all dressed up into a specific theme brings a lot of fun and joy into the traditional school day. Continue creating fun themes, but instead make it a competition between the classes that involves giving back to the community. Choose a specific charity that means something to your school. Have each class (freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors) donate money the entire week. At the end of the week, see which class raised the most money and crown them the champions. This way you’re still participating in a fun spirit day, but also doing something good for a local charity.


Activity/Club Fair

Even though the week of Homecoming is usually busy, try to find time to create a school activity/club fair. This is great to do during Homecoming week because it’s still the beginning of the school year and everyone is in the school spirit. Have different clubs and activity groups have their own tables and explain what they do. Students can sign up for whichever they want. Do this during lunch hours so kids can come and go as they please.


Students vs Teachers

This has always been a super popular event that some schools already do. Host a students vs teachers game such as a basketball game. You can get volunteers from both teams and then have a night during Homecoming week where you host the game. Other students and faculty can come and support both their peers and their teachers. Have the winning team march in the Homecoming parade!



If you want to include more activities or events throughout the week, host a talent show, magic show, improv night, poetry reading, etc. It’s nice to have a variety of events for students and faculty to choose from and attend.


Test out some of these extra celebration techniques this year with your school’s Homecoming. Like I said, it’s important to have your usual events, but try to add some extra flare to them! The community might enjoy them even more and then make sure to attend next year.


With all of these events in place, be sure to have a proper managing platform when it comes to your school’s Homecoming dance. Homecoming is a week full of activities and events, so you don’t want to become too overwhelmed. Let My School Dance make managing your school’s Homecoming stress-free and easy on you. You can sign your school up for free now! 


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Stephanie Hamilton