April 5, 2019


The month of April is consistently known as the month of rain. To forget about the gloomy spring days, have some activities prepared for your students to continue the excitement in the classroom. Sometimes when the weather is gross outside, student’s moods become bored and dreary as well. Spice it up a little and throw in a 10 minute game every once in awhile. Below I’ve listed some fun activities you can throw into your lesson plan for a rainy April day:


  • Board GamesThere are so many different kinds of board games that are educational, yet fun. Bring in some old ones and new ones for the students. Have them get in small groups and give them 20-25 minutes to get a quick game in and I assure you their moods will be better.
  • Art ActivityDoing some type of rainy day painting or a DIY craft activity is great for students on a cold day. It gets their creative juices flowing and is calming to a lot of students.
  • Password GameHave two students go up to the board at the same time and show the rest of the students the “Password.” The two students at the front can call on the rest of the students to get clues to what the password is. Once they figured it out, whoever writes it on the board faster wins. Incorporate what your students are currently learning into the game, so it helps them study!
  • Classroom Yoga Yoga has been proven to be extremely helpful to many people. It’s a way to get rid of stress and calm yourself. Have the students do 5-10 minutes of simple yoga exercises to clear their brains. 


There are endless options when it comes to rainy day classroom activities. You don’t have to go all out and buy anything either. Many games don’t require a lot of materials. Plus, any of the activities listed above can be used for all ages. Test a few of them out and see what your students like best.


My School Dance wants to help out our teachers in any way that we can. If you liked reading about these activities, make sure to read our other blog posts. You’ll find lots of helpful tips/ideas there that you will benefit from!



Stephanie Hamilton