June 14, 2019


Anyone who has ever planned or helped out with a school dance knows how much work is actually involved in it. It may seem like a fun and easy process, but it’s much more time consuming than you think. Schools began cutting dances out of their school year because nobody had the time to organize them. We noticed more and more issues with schools not having school dances and how they put a toll on student’s development and affect their social interactions as they got older.


On average, high schoolers spend up to 9 hours a day connected to digital media ranging from social apps (like Facebook or Snapchat) to computers and televisions. With all of this screen time, students have less opportunity for face-to-face interaction. During school hours, students spend time learning and studying, sometimes also behind a screen. At home, between extracurricular activities and homework, they are checking Instagram stories and streaming their favorite TV shows. We’ve learned that social interaction is one of the most important things students can take from schools. So what could we do to solve these issues?


We realized helping out our teachers/administrators with this insane dance process was our answer. We wanted to create a solution to host more dances because of how beneficial they are to student development. We designed My School Dance to address a solution to a problem that teachers and administrators had with running the dances. The old way to manage a dance is ridiculous: paper forms, selling tickets at lunch, cash boxes, and spreadsheets. How is anyone supposed to keep track of all of that?


My School Dance’s software allows schools to avoid all of these difficult elements. The platform lets schools sell tickets online, use digital permission slips, check students in with a QR code scanner, and be in constant communication with anyone involved in the party. There’s some new features out now too that will change the way you manage dances. My favorite new feature is the Day of the Dance Dashboard that lets you view all the data in one place. You’re able to do different actions such as place a ticket on hold or view which students haven’t filled out their agreements.


While the school year is over for a lot of you, it’s the perfect time to request a My School Dance demo and get signed up for free in time for Homecoming in the fall. Trust me, you’ll want to start managing your events with My School Dance! Sign your school up now!


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Stephanie Hamilton