May 17, 2019


With everything that is going on in the world today, My School Dance, wanted to ensure that our features can help add extra measures of safety for any school event or dance. Although our platform is here to help make managing a big event easier on teachers, it’s also here to make sure our students are safe.


There have been multiple stories in the news regarding school events, such as dances. Money from cash boxes have been stolen by teachers or students. Students that shouldn’t be attending a dance forge their parent’s signatures so they can get in. If you have a really big school and are manually flipping through packets to check students in, anyone can easily sneak past into the dance. It’s time for schools to change their dance managing method to not only help the dance planners, but also to encourage more safety within our schools.


Here are some of My School Dance’s features that add some safety measures:


  • Online Ticket SalesAll ticket sales are done online through the most secure payment processor, Stripe. The money goes straight into the school’s account or they can request a check. 
  • Digital AgreementsParents/Guest Parents/Administrators have to create their own account to sign all permission slips on behalf of the student. We have to verify the email address on our backend to ensure students aren’t forging their parent’s signatures and that the email address is valid.
  • QR Code Check In/OutSchools can use the QR code scanner to check students in and out of the dance. They can then enable the text notifications that get sent to the parents letting them know when their child arrives and leaves the dance.


By purchasing tickets online, you don’t have to deal with constantly ensuring the cash box is safe. With My School Dance’s team verifying email addresses, no student will be able to forge any signatures. Lastly, with a quicker check in/out process, random people will not be able to sneak into the dance without being seen.


These solutions may not seem like a whole lot, but they are extra measures that can help the teacher managing this event stay in control. Also, being able to access emergency contact information quickly is extremely beneficial for the schools.


If your school is looking for a more organized way to manage a school dance or event that ensures extra safety measures reach out to My School Dance. The platform is free for schools to use! 


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Stephanie Hamilton