January 24, 2020


Crazy to believe it, but love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and that means your school’s Sweetheart Dance will be taking place soon. Change it up this year and don’t choose a basic theme for your dance. Add some edge to it with My School Dance’s theme ideas for a Sweetheart Dance. Check them out below:


Red and Black Masquerade

Make all of your attendees wear fun, black or red, masks to hide their faces. A mystery is always intriguing to all! Make all of your decorations black, white, and red to add some color. You don’t have to go all out with decor, just some basic things. With this color scheme and theme, you’ll have a classy night going for your students!


A Sweet For My Sweetheart

Deck your entire venue out in candy themed stuff. A lot of the decor can be DIY, but you can also buy a lot of candy themed items. Have licorice hanging down the entrance way, have gumdrops surrounding the dance floor, and cotton candy dangling down the room. There’s so many different things you can do. This theme will sure be sweet!


Love Is A Work Of Heart

Make your entire theme related around artwork and hearts. It could look like you’re in an art gallery, which would be unique. Get the art students involved by having them create murals and other pieces for decor!


Black Tie Gala

Want to make your Sweetheart Dance a more formal event? Turn it into a Gala! Use black and white decor and crystals all over. Students would wear formal attire with black suits. Have all volunteers dress up too so it looks even more official!


Secret Admirer Dance

Make your theme a “love notes” theme. You can decorate the walls with love notes and have your students get involved by writing some. This would be very cost-efficient and a unique theme. You can sell roses at the dance for students to purchase for their secret admirer.


Hosting a dance is always a fun thing to do for your students. It’s even more fun when you can get creative with the theme, decor, and invites too. Try something different this year for your school’s Sweetheart Dance. It’s always nice to have some change!


Once you’ve chosen your theme, start creating your dance on your school’s My School Dance landing page. Your dance partner can help assist with any other details. If you aren’t already signed up, just sign your school up for free and get started!


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Stephanie Hamilton