April 12, 2019


Easter will be here before you know it! Doesn’t it feel like Christmas just happened or is that just me? This year is flying by and soon enough the school year will be over. Since finals and last minute tests are approaching, let’s plan something fun for the students to do to celebrate the Easter holiday. I’ve included some of My School Dance’s favorite fun-filled Easter activities to test out in the classroom!


  • STEM Parachutes For all STEM classes, have your students create their own DIY parachutes. Give them half of a plastic Easter egg, some straws, a coffee filter, tape, and some tongue depressors. This will get them thinking, engineering, and building. 
  • Test Prep Egg HuntWrite test questions and put one in each egg. Then hide the eggs around the building. Have students group up and search for the eggs. Once they find an egg, they will work together to try to figure out the answer and record it on their piece of paper. The first group to finish first with all correct answers wins. 
  • Egg Drop ActivityHave the students get in groups and compile an assortment of materials to create a “packaging” for the egg. Once the students finish with their protective packaging, test their creation by dropping the egg from a certain height. Whichever group’s egg didn’t crack wins.
  • HistoryHave students research the “Easter egg” and present their findings to the class in a quick 5-10 minute presentation.
  • Balancing the EggsHave a contest to see who can get the tallest “egg tower.” Give students halves of plastic eggs and have them pile them up without their towers breaking. Add a time limit to add pressure to the contest.


Personally, my favorite is the test prep egg hunt because it gets students moving, thinking, working together, and puts them in a new environment rather than just sitting in the classroom. Any of these activities would be perfect for all ages too! It’s nice to have a holiday themed educational activity every once in awhile! My School Dance hopes that these activities will help you with your lesson plans and bring some joy to the students as well!


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Stephanie Hamilton