March 29, 2019


Spring time is finally here, which means most schools are anticipating their biggest dance yet: Spring Fling! Many schools spend loads of money on decorations for this dance, when in all reality you can create DIY decorations while spending half the amount you were going to spend. Plus, you don’t have to be the craftiest person to create these decorations. Here are some Spring Fling decoration ideas:


  • Watering Can CenterpiecesGo to a few thrift stores and find old flower pot watering cans. It doesn’t matter if they look rusty and gross. Spray paint them a bright color like blue or green. Then fill them with either fake or real flowers and use them as table centerpieces at the dance.
  • Empty Wine BottlesThese can literally be used for anything. They’re perfect to use as vases or to light candles in. Plus, the wine bottles don’t have to match so you can get them from anywhere!
  • Paper Flowers– Either use tissue paper or regular paper and follow an online tutorial on Pinterest. You can create big, different color tissue paper flowers and hang them from the ceiling. You could also hang them on the walls or use them on the table tops. 
  • Balloon WallInstead of purchasing a super expensive backdrop for photographs, buy a large packet of balloons and a plain colored sheet. Hang the sheet up and blow up all of the multi-colored balloons. Cover the entire plain sheet with balloons and you’ve created a backdrop for pictures.
  • Ceiling UmbrellasAnother great idea is to have lots of designed and colorful umbrellas hanging from the ceiling. This will give the room a Spring vibe and it’s something unique to do rather than have streamers hanging down. 
  • Balloon PhotographsSomething easy, yet super memorable to do is have a bunch of balloons hanging from the ceiling and tie one picture at the end of each balloon. These pictures could be ones that the students submit of them and their classmates. This way when they look up they’ll see thousands of pictures of them and their friends. 


There are so many different ways you, as a Dance Planner, can be creative for a Spring Fling dance, plus you don’t have to spend as much money as you usually would. Some of these might take more time and dedication, but if you’re managing your Spring Fling with My School Dance, you’ll have more time to devote to this. I’d suggest looking more into our Pinterest page to see the different decorations that you can create for your school’s dance.


If your school is looking for a new management platform, check out My School Dance. We’ll not only help you come up with cool ideas like these, but we’ll help make the difficult managing aspects a lot easier. Check out our website today! If you liked reading this blog, check out some of our other blog posts too. You’ll find some more helpful tips!



Stephanie Hamilton