March 15, 2019


Are you currently in charge of managing your school’s upcoming Prom? Are you starting to realize it isn’t as easy as you thought? Coming from someone who used to be in charge of planning school dances, I know how difficult it can be. That’s why I’m here to give you 10 Actionable Tips to Better Prom Management! 


  1. Create a detailed Prom budget with specific money amounts that you researched for venue, food, music, etc.
  2. Book all reservations within the first month of planning.
  3. Get a list of volunteers to help out at the dance.
  4. Have a set platform to organize all details/data for the dance.
  5. Have monthly/weekly meetings with your dance committee to make sure all tasks are getting accomplished.
  6. Promote your dance on all social media platforms and throughout the school.
  7. Figure out a way to communicate with parents for emergency purposes.
  8. Sell dance tickets online, rather than during lunch hours.
  9. Visit local businesses/restaurants to get donations for the dance, whether it’s catering services, music services, photographers, or even monetary donations.
  10. Check students in and out of the dance with an online platform rather than flipping through papers wasting more time.


All 10 actionable tips will help make your managing process 10 times easier than what you were doing before. My School Dance actually covers all of these tips and allows you even more free time to take care of the other 100 tasks you have to get done.


My School Dance is known to help the dance planners actually manage a dance without a thousand hiccups and headaches. Plus, it’s free for schools to use. Prom is coming up for a lot of schools, so make sure your school isn’t the one struggling through their management process. Sign your school up now for free!



Stephanie Hamilton