Winter Formal is just around the corner! Here are some simple and inexpensive decoration ideas that can help sell your students on the theme. Many of these can easily be bought online from retailers like Amazon, or from DIY craft stores.

LED Tea Lights

LED tea lights are a good way of giving a candle-lit atmosphere to a room or table without the risk of real fire candles. They can be bought in large amounts inexpensively. These can be used to bring some winter warmth to your dance and bring the warm, open-fire feeling to contrast the cold outside.

Fairy Lights

clear glass pendant lamp turned on in dim light room

Fairy Lights can give a rustic feel to your winter dance. Similar to the tea lights, they bring a warm atmosphere to contrast the cold of the season.

Paper Snowflakes

white and black snowflake illustration

Paper snowflakes are a basic must-have ornament for a winter-themed formal dance. Buying pre-cut snowflakes is not very expensive, but if you want to save even more money, all it takes to DIY them is some craft paper and scissors.


Gold Christmas Ball Decor

When going for more of a holiday theme to your winter dance, Christmas Trees and basic ornaments are a must-have. The Christmas tree ornament is the most iconic holiday decoration. Basic ornaments can be bought in large quantities for a low cost and they help you bring that Christmas spirit to your Winter Formal dance.

Cotton Snow

Cotton is an inexpensive and non-messy way to simulate the look of snow for decorations. It stays in one piece, as opposed to the plastic shavings that some decorations may use. It’s easy to get sheets of cotton snow from craft shops and online.

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