Winter Formal season is here! Bring out the snowflakes, ice castles, glitter, and more! One of the first steps to planning a dance is figuring out the theme you want to go with. My School Dance is here to provide you with the Hottest Winter Formal Themes for the year!

Blizzard Ball

Don’t be boring and do the regular snowball dance. Make it a flustering blizzard theme! Have white fake snow and snowflakes covering the entire venue! Want to be even more creative? Have a fake snow machine going too!

Cocoa Cotillion

Who doesn’t love a hot cup of cocoa when it’s freezing outside? Make your entire theme hot chocolate-themed! Have a hot cocoa bar with all the essential toppings. This will be an extra cozy theme to do!

Black and Gold

Looking for more of a classier theme? Host an all-black and gold-themed ball! Dazzle the guests with sparkly chandeliers and black velvet tablecloths. Have black and gold tableware and decor all over.

Gumdrop Gala

Create a festive gumdrop-themed dance! Get different candy and use them as decorations! You can even have a gumdrop bar as the dessert for the students. 

Tundra Themed

Why not use a cold destination as your school’s formal theme? Pick somewhere like Canada, Alaska, the Tundra, etc., and come up with a creative theme based on that!

Winter in Paris

Want to have a fun theme like Paris, but also want to keep the Winter Wonderland theme going? Just do both! Have a Winter in Paris theme. Create an Eiffel Tower with snow surrounding it! 


These are just a few of My School Dance’s top picks for Winter Formal themes for 2019-2020. If you plan on using one of these let us know! We love getting feedback on our ideas!


Pick your Winter Formal theme and then head to My School Dance’s platform to start selling your tickets online! My School Dance’s platform is free for all schools to use! Why wouldn’t you try it? Test out our platform with your school’s Winter Formal dance and then be all set when Prom comes around!


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