October 11, 2019


It’s about that time to start figuring out the type of activities you’ll have at your school’s Halloween Dance! Making sure you have fun activities are a great way to ensure participation and build up attendance at dances. Try out a couple of these Halloween Dance Activities below:


  • Monster FreezePlay a fun Halloween song, like the Monster Mash or the Addams Family theme song. Have students dance to the music as if they’re zombies and once you stop the song, they have to freeze. Whoever doesn’t freeze is out. 
  • Relays: Relays are a great way to get students involved. A lot of students are competitive so this would be fun to do, especially with older students. Make it festive by having the students do the relay while straddling a broom!
  • Mummy Races: This is always a huge hit! Partner students up in twos and have one be the designated “mummy” and the other be the one who creates the mummy. The one student wraps toilet paper around the mummy. This is a race so the students have to see who can create a mummy the fastest.
  • Thriller Dance: Play the Thriller song at your school’s Halloween dance and have the students learn the choreography for it. Take a video for your school’s webpage and social media channels and post it for Halloween!
  • Pumpkin Decorating: For the students who don’t like to dance as much, have a pumpkin decorating station open! You can then use the decorated pumpkins as decorations around the school. 


A lot of these activities are easy to do and don’t cost a lot of money! Definitely try out at least one of them for your school’s Halloween dance! Let us know which one was your favorite!


If you need help managing your school’s Halloween dance, sign your school up with My School Dance for free! We’ll help cover all the necessary tasks that come along with managing a school dance. Get festive this season and host a Halloween Dance! 


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