November 23rd, 2018


Hi everyone! If you don’t know me already, my name is Stephanie Hamilton and I am the Media & Marketing Specialist with My School Dance. Extra-curricular activities are a must for any school. Not only are they great ways to get more involved, but you also make some life-long friends out of it. They allow students to have real face-to-face interaction rather than just texting on their phones.


Extra-curricular activities can be anything from a sport to a school dance. These type of activities were always my favorite part about school. It’s where kids create the most memories and have fun. Plus, having a teacher who is passionate about the activity makes it even better. The kids look up to the teacher and can come to them as a mentor. Since extra-curricular activities are so important, I wanted to give the teachers some inside tips for running any type of activity.


  • Get Everyone InvolvedThe more people involved, the more significant of an event it becomes. Get more students, teachers, and faculty to join in on the fun. It creates a better culture within your organization/club and allows more people to connect with one another.
  • School CultureHaving a competitive culture, helps to promote a healthy competitive environment with a sense of direction for the activity.
  • Get Teachers to Run Activities they LoveIf a certain teacher used to be in Debate club and loved it, let them be in charge of it. If a faculty member used to be in charge of planning dances, let them be in charge of the school Prom. It’s always more fun to have the person in charge enjoy the specific activity.


Extra-curricular activities allow kids opportunities that they may not always have access to. My School Dance wants kid to interact more with face-to-face interaction rather than over screens, which is what we tend to see a lot today. That’s why My School Dance was created. We wanted to make the dance planning and management process easier for teachers/faculty. This way more activities such as a dance or an event can happen for students. If your school needs help with the management process for any type of event, My School Dance is here to help!


Sign your school up today and start planning your next event with My School Dance!


Stephanie Hamilton