October 5th, 2018


Hello everyone! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Stephanie Hamilton and I am the Media & Marketing Specialist with My School Dance. I’m sure many of you are wondering what’s the big deal with using a cash box? Isn’t that the only way to collect money? Well, no it’s not. The actual issue of using a cash box might surprise some of you. I know it surprised me.


When it comes to selling tickets for school dances, they are usually sold during the school’s lunch period. As for the person in charge of selling tickets, every school is different. Some schools have a specific teacher selling tickets and some even have students selling them. This designated person is left in charge of handling the money and the cash box. How do schools ensure that this person isn’t stealing some of the funds? It sounds crazy, I know. Who would steal from the school dance cash box? The answer is a lot of people actually.


More and more stories about teachers, students, and faculty are coming out in the news about how money was stolen from the dance fund. One teacher was accused of stealing over $2,104 from three school dance funds. Another stole THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS from a Homecoming fund to go gamble at a casino. If you google stolen dance funds there will be pages of stories in different news publications. This is a recurring issue that needs to result in the action of a new way to sell tickets. Cash boxes might have been beneficial at one point in time, but times are changing and it’s time for a more secure process to be put in place.


My School Dance is an online platform for schools to plan and manage all dances and events. The neat thing about My School Dance is all tickets are sold online. No more worrying about the cash box. All funds are deposited immediately into your school’s bank account. This way nobody has access to stealing anything. Plus, now your school doesn’t need volunteers to sell tickets at lunch. Our secure payment process is the same one that Amazon, Facebook, and Open Table use. By utilizing online ticket sales, there will be less trips to the bank to deposit funds.


If you want to ensure your school manages their school dance funds in the safest way, use My School Dance. The best part, it’s free for schools to use! If you haven’t signed your school up yet, create your My School Dance account today!



Stephanie Hamilton