December 14th, 2018


Hello everyone! My name is Stephanie Hamilton and I am the Media & Marketing Specialist with My School Dance. Winter break at schools is quickly approaching. I know the kids are super excited, but you know who’s even more excited? The teachers! Winter break is the perfect time for teachers to relax and get a well deserved break. Therefore, I wanted to come up with a few ideas for teachers to do over Christmas break!


  • Self CareThis is one of the most important ones. Teachers need to unwind and relax for a little bit. Go get a massage, read a book, exercise, sleep in, and go see a movie. It’s important to take some time for yourself and relax.
  • Family timeWhile you get a few weeks off, enjoy spending time with your family. Go out to a nice dinner, make cookies together, go see a musical, or go to a festival. Whatever you do, make time to see your family and spend some quality time with them.
  • VacationGo on a week long vacation. It’s nice to get out and have a different scenery to look at every once in awhile. I suggest going on a vacation where you’re able to just relax, like on a beach. This way you won’t be running around all over the place and will get to chill out for a little bit.
  • WorkIf you absolutely have to catch up on work, dedicate one or two days where you can go to a coffee shop or somewhere quiet and get grading done. You don’t want to spend your entire break doing work.
  • CraftingFor some of my creative teachers out there that love to craft and make things, check out Pinterest. They have so many cute and fun DIY activities that you can do by yourself or with friends and family.


Unwinding and enjoying your Winter break is crucial. My School Dance understands that teachers are constantly busy and have so much to do. That’s why we strongly encourage you to make the most of your days off and actually relax and do everything you can’t do while you’re teaching. Especially since when the new year comes many schools have a lot of events and activities that take place. My School Dance is here to help teachers make any of these ticketed events easier on the teachers. To learn more about My School Dance visit our website or our social media sites below.



Stephanie Hamilton