March 1, 2019


Spring time will soon be arriving, which means: My School Dance’s new enhancements will be launching! These enhancements were designed to create an even smoother platform for teachers, administration, parents, and students to navigate through. These enhancements will be launched mid March, just in time for Prom season!


Some of these new enhancements are:


  • Parent Role–¬†Currently, My School Dance can only be used for schools with students aged 13 and older. Not anymore!¬†We are creating a Parent Role which enables us to work with middle and elementary school students as well. That means for all of you middle and elementary schools that host holiday dances, Daddy Daughter Dances, and other social functions, you’ll be able to utilize our platform as well.
  • Ticket Builder– Schools are allowed to create multiple different kinds of ticket types for each dance they host. Some schools offer discounts if you buy a couple ticket versus a single. This way your school can create multiple tickets with different dates and prices.
  • Day of the Dance Dashboard– This allows planners to view metrics and reports on everything that is happening. You’re able to see data on things such as: what students are attending, how many kids have checked in, and the status on if students have agreements signed. It also allows you to text all parents or individual parents when their child arrives, when the dance is over, or if their child is leaving early.
  • Funds– As a school, you can choose the way you receive your funds from My School Dance. You can either get direct deposit through our payment processor, Stripe, or My School Dance will send your school a check. You can choose to receive these checks weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, after the dance, etc. This way your school can just deposit the checks whenever you want.


I’m super excited about these new enhancements because I know they will make the dance managing process even easier than before, if that’s even possible! With these features, planning your upcoming dance this spring will be a breeze! Make sure to sign your school up now for free to be ready when the new enhancements launch!



Stephanie Hamilton