MERRILLVILLE, Ind., June 3, 2019/EducationDive/


My School Dance, located in Merrillville, IN, is determined to increase the safety measures on school functions, such as dances, with their features. Not only does the platform make dance managing easier for the teachers in charge, but it adds an extra level of safety for the event.


My School Dance was established over a year ago in Merrillville, Indiana by their parent company, Think Tank NTG. The mission behind My School Dance is to make the lives of everyone involved in a school dance easier than before. For many years, schools have been planning dances the old-fashion way: cash boxes during lunch, handing out and collecting all permission slips, and flipping through packets of names to check each student in.


With everything going on in the world today, schools need to be more cautious and safe when it comes to hosting events for their students. The money from the cash box could get stolen, students can forge their parent’s signatures, and basically anyone can sneak into a dance without being seen. It’s time for schools to change their dance managing method to not only help them, but encourage more safety within our schools.


Taylor Buckley, Chief Operations Officer, said, “My School Dance is committed to helping schools have safer events.”


All ticket sales are done online through the most secure payment processor and the money goes straight into the school’s account. Digital agreements require the parent/guest parent/guest administrator to create their own account to sign all permission slips on behalf of the student.


Schools now actually have the ability to use a QR code scanner to check students in and out of the dance. They can integrate text notifications sent to the student’s parents letting them know when their child arrives and leaves the dance.


Buckley said, “For one of our schools, that meant that parents knew their child arrived safely to the Prom that was 30 miles away while it was pouring rain. For another school, it meant the teacher could call the parent of a student who hadn’t shown up to the dance to let them know.”


Being able to access emergency contact information quickly is extremely beneficial for the schools.


“It allows school teachers and administrators to ensure that parents can be notified quickly if anything were to happen at a school event,” said Buckley.


Since launching My School Dance last year, there are over 11,000 users, almost 10,000 tickets sold, and 15,000 agreements that have been signed by parents, guest parents, and guest administrators. More features are being created to enhance our measures of safety for our students and make the dance managing process easier for our teachers.