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My School Dance is a free online application that manages all aspects of school dances and events. It’s the perfect tool for schools to use to ensure their planning process is stress free and easy.

Taylor Buckley, My School Dance’s Chief Operations Officer, said, “We designed My School Dance to address a solution to a problem that teachers and administrators had with running dances. The process for managing dances is super archaic: paper forms, selling tickets at lunch, cash boxes and spreadsheets. You basically need a 3-ring binder to manage it all.”

Planning dances and events are supposed to be fun and creative, not taking up too much of your time and effort. The software enables schools to avoid the most difficult elements of event-planning logistics, including the drafting, distribution, and collection of paper agreements; organization of cash or check payments and finding volunteers to sell tickets.

“Dances are extremely important for the social development of students and for many schools, they’re important fundraisers. Teachers, unfortunately, are tasked with organizing these, which often takes away energy from the important job they have of being educators,” said Buckley.

My School Dance can be used for any schools who hosts any type of functions such as homecomings to grad bashes to field trips.

My School Dance allows schools to promote their upcoming events, sell tickets online and securely process payments with their payment provider, Stripe. Some other interesting new features are the QR Code Check In/Check Out, the Eligibility List and the Registration Restriction.

“My favorite feature would be a tie between the text to parents upon student arrival and departure, and the ticket download process. Being a parent, the safety of my child is most important, and knowing that they arrived where they were supposed to be would give me peace of mind. But for schools, having it where students cannot download their tickets until all forms are signed eliminates a ton of work,” said Buckley.

Schools are able to create landing pages for each dance or event that can be accessible by parents, students, faculty and staff. They then can cross promote their landing page on social media channels and post updates regarding their dance or event so everyone is updated with new information.

Signing your school up is super easy too! All you do is go to My School Dance to sign your school up and a dance partner will be in contact with you to help set up your first dance.

Teachers and students are stressed enough, let’s make something easy for them.


About My School Dance

The mission of My School Dance is to provide an online platform for digitally charged, secure and engaged school dances.


Stephanie Hamilton