Planning a Winter Dance

Planning any type of dance isn’t easy at all. Here are some areas that need to be done while planning a winter dance.

Planning Committee

Winter Dances are different at every school, so however your school does it you want to make sure you have some group of people that are committed to making the dance happen. For example, you can have a select group of teachers that volunteer their time to plan the dance, a group of students such as the Student Council which is great because then you’re getting the student’s voices heard, or a mixture of both faculty and students. It’s great to have multiple voices in the group so you can get different opinions and ideas.


Secure The Big Stuff

This is going to be the most important part to planning your school’s dance. You’ll need to sit down with your committee and figure out the perfect date for your dance. Make sure it’s not on the night of a big game or a school play. Plan this out early on in the school year so you have more options rather than last minute. The next thing to do would be figuring out your venue. Where would be the best place to host this dance? Some schools have it at their school in the cafeteria or gym. Some schools even host it at a venue location that’s close by. You don’t want the venue to be too far because it might be too hard for students to get there. My School Dance has a lot of pre-planning checklists once your school is signed up. These are great ways to lay out the different venues you might be considering.



The theme sets the whole mood. For a Winter Formal dance, many schools are known to do a Winter theme, but you don’t have to stick to that. Check out My School Dance’s Pinterest page! We have so many different theme ideas that are possible to do on any budget.



A lot of Formal dances have some type of food for the students at the dance. Whatever you plan on doing, come up with a few different food options and make sure it works with your budget. No need to stress about the food, it’s not that big of a deal. 



This is another critical part to having a school dance. If you have good music, students are more than likely going to come back to the next dance. Another thing to think about is having a photographer or photo booth. There are so many companies that have fun pop-up photo booths that aren’t too expensive. Have your group do research to find local artists, DJ’s, photographers, and photo booth companies with their prices and go through it during a meeting. 



Promoting your school’s dance is extremely important! You need to make sure you do it correctly so you convince more students that they WANT to attend. A lot of schools just hang up flyers that were made on Word, but you have to do more than that. Check out our Marketing a Dance blog post to learn more about this. We also allow you to share and promote your dance or event all over social media. Social media is the perfect platform to promote any event.


Planning A Dance?

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