January 25, 2019


Have you ever had to plan a family party or a small get together? Even something as small as that can take a lot of time and work. Now imagine planning and managing a high school Prom. There’s 3,000 students attending. Where do you even begin? My School Dance came out with a general Prom Planning Timeline that most Prom Planners follow. Trust me, if you haven’t started planning yet you need to get on it!


  • ASAPFinalize the date and time, Theme, Book venue, DJ, Begin marketing efforts, Book photographers, Book caterers, & Start thinking about your decorations.
  • 4-6 MonthsCreate your tickets, Select prom favors, Begin getting together all decorations and themed items, & Figure out the food and drinks you’ll provide.
  • 2-4 MonthsCreate a managing agenda, Continue working on DIY decorations, Start pushing out marketing and social media efforts, Create playlists and other media, & Reserve any rented items.
  • 3-6 WeeksConstantly oversee data and reporting, Discuss photo opportunities with photographer, Continue pushing marketing efforts, & Purchase extra items for decorating such as tape, cords, scissors, batteries, pens, water, etc.
  • 1-4 WeeksPrepare a floor plan/seating chart if needed, Double-check all items on a checklist, Finish up all decorations & DIY projects, Check if any hired help (DJ’s, photographer, caterer) needs anything, Check equipment and lighting, & Purchase remaining items.
  • 1-2 DaysExchange contact info with all services hired, Pick up last minute items, Pick up rental items, Begin set-up early or night before, Prepare payment for services, & Check reporting.


Many people don’t realize planning for a big event like Prom takes months of work. How do schools expect a few teachers to do all of this on their own and still do their job of educating students everyday?


If your school uses My School Dance to help manage your dance, it will cut this timeline down in half. We provide a much more simple and time-saving solution for our Prom Planners. Plus, it’s free for schools to use My School Dance. Sign your school up today and we can start managing Prom as a team!



Stephanie Hamilton