September 21, 2018


Hi everyone! For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Stephanie Hamilton and I am the Media & Marketing Specialist with My School Dance. To wrap up the Homecoming season, I wanted to create my Top 8 Reasons On Why You Should Attend Your School’s Homecoming Dance!


In my past blogs, I’ve talked about how Homecoming isn’t just a dance, it’s so much more. This event usually has at least 5 or more “mini events” attached to it such as the parade, football game, spirit week, and more. Don’t be that person that doesn’t attend any of the fun because you’re “too cool” or “too old” for that. Let’s be serious, you’re not and you’ll regret it if you don’t join the fun! Now let’s jump into the top 8 reasons!


  • Reason #1: Hangout with your Friends: With all of the festivities that Homecoming has to offer, you have plenty of chances to enjoy the activities with your friends. Homecoming is a huge social opportunity for students, staff, and parents. It’s basically just a big celebration with your community. Plus, this is a great excuse to put down the cell phones and actually socialize face to face with your peers.
  • Reason #2: Show School Spirit: One of the main things that Homecoming is known for is Spirit Week. Many schools get together to create themes for each day and allow students to dress up for each theme. For example, some days when I was in high school were Wacky Wednesday, Sports Day, 80’s Day, etc. It’s fun to see a lot of students and staff going all out and sharing this bond together. Plus, it’s funny to see how creative some people get.
  • Reason #3: Cheer on the Football Team: One of the biggest parts to Homecoming is the school’s football game. Even if you’re not a sports fan, it’s fun to go and support your team. Deck yourself out in your school colors, paint your face, and get beads to wear. Stand in the student section and come up with chants to pump up the football team. It might seem dumb to you, but the football team is loving the support! Put yourself in their shoes and you’ll understand how awesome it feels to have people rooting for you.
  • Reason #4: Support the Community: Homecoming brings the entire community together in one place to celebrate their town. Many times there will be chances to give back to your community by donating or volunteering at one of the events. Do it! Giving back shows you care about your town and the people in it.
  • Reason #5: Create New Memories: Homecoming only happens once a year. Therefore, you can’t miss out on creating awesome memories at all of the events. Trust me, from past experiences all 4 Homecomings that I attended were great memories that I’ll never forget. That doesn’t just mean the dance. You should go to every single event and create new memories. They all have different atmospheres and it’s really cool to experience how each of them are different. It’ll be worth it!
  • Reason #6: Casual: Homecoming isn’t like Prom at all. It’s much more laid-back and casual. You can wear what you want, you don’t have to look all fancy, and finding a date isn’t that serious. Everyone is just there to have fun! I found it better to not have a date when going to Homecoming. Just go with your friends and save the date for the formal dances! To be honest, you’ll probably have more fun that way.
  • Reason #7: Sets the Mood for the Year: Homecoming happens pretty early on in the school year and I think that’s perfect for high schools. A month or two in, the school hosts all of these exciting events for the students to basically lay out how your school year is going to be. By attending the events and showing school spirit, you’re more likely to attend more school events and participate in the activities. If you don’t attend the festivities, you’re more likely to never attend any other ones. It’s up to you to determine the mood for the year!
  • Reason #8: Celebrate your School: The last reason is self-explanatory. You’re spending at least 4 years of your life at this school, so why not celebrate it? These 4 years are going to fly by and you’re going to miss it as much as you think you might not. High school is supposed to be the time to have fun and act like idiots when celebrating your school. Take it all in while you can!


Homecoming definitely consists of the most events compared to any other dance. Try to attend a few of them, if not all of them! If your school needs help managing and planning any of these events or the dance, My School Dance is your go-to. If you haven’t signed your school up yet, create your My School Dance account for free!



Stephanie Hamilton