February 8, 2019


Happy early Valentine’s Day everyone! It’s about that time to start thinking about the fun activities you have in place for your students to do next week. Haven’t thought about it yet? No worries. I’ve come up with a few cute, yet educational activities for all sorts of classes!


  • PoemsInstead of having students read poetry, have them create their own Valentine’s Day poem. Have them choose between a haiku or acrostic poem. 
  • Bulletin BoardMost teachers have some type of bulletin board hanging up around the classroom. Have students cut out hearts and decorate them however they want. Then, have them write something that they love about the school on it. Tell them to focus it around the people that make up the school like their teachers, faculty, and staff. This will be a sweet and caring gesture for all to see!
  • Valentine’s Day Escape RoomThis is for the upper grade levels. Plan an “escape room” in your classroom based around Valentine’s Day facts/history. Pair the students up in groups of 6-8 and have them go in for a certain amount of time to try to figure out the clues and escape. Pinterest has some awesome ideas when it comes to escape rooms in the classroom too! 
  • Valentine’s Day Coding STEM Binary AlphabetHave your students learn about the binary alphabet while creating beaded hearts. They can write words in code while creating hearts that you can hang up in your classroom after. 
  • Candy Structures (STEM)Split your students in groups of 3-4 and give them a bag of gummy heart candies and toothpicks. Set a timer and have the groups work together to build a structure with the materials that were given to them. Whichever group has the tallest standing structure when the timer goes off wins. 
  • Valentine’s Day DanceHost a casual Valentine’s Day dance for students. Make all of your decorations yourself or have your art students assist. This dance can be held in your gym or cafeteria too. My School Dance can assist with managing the dance for free too. This is a great way for students to interact and get out of the classroom environment. 


These are just a few different activities that you can throw into your plan for next week. They are fun ways for students to work together and have fun celebrating Valentine’s Day while still learning. My School Dance wants all schools to have more activities that help students to interact with each other more. This is the perfect time to do one of these activities.


Start thinking about how you will incorporate the Valentine’s Day holiday into your lesson plans now! 



Stephanie Hamilton