March 8, 2019


Are you feeling lucky? Well, even if you’re not, today is your lucky day! I know all of my teachers out there love finding new ways to bring fun educational activities into the classroom. That’s why I wanted to share some great activities to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day coming up!


  • Pot of Gold WritingPair your students up into small groups and have them discuss different things they would do if they were to receive a pot of gold. Would they donate it? Keep it all to themselves? Have them collaborate with one another to come up with a few solid ideas and have them share it to the class.
  • St. Patrick’s Day Party/DanceEncourage students to all wear green clothing and bring in all Irish food. You can decorate your classroom/gym with green decorations and celebrate the Irish history. It doesn’t hurt to throw a last minute dance party!
  • Word SearchLooking for something that’s quick and easy, yet still fun for the students? Create or print out a St. Patrick’s Day word search! This gets their brains thinking and helps them focus more.
  • Ireland Map Bulletin Board A perfect geography lesson would be to print out a huge map of Ireland and have the students research different cities and regions of Ireland. They can then come back and do a presentation on their findings.
  • Shamrock TriviaCut out different shamrock shapes and write down a series of questions relevant to what your students are learning. Split the students up into two teams and have them go one at a time to try to answer the trivia.


It’s important to have at least one type of activity for students to do for St. Patrick’s Day. It excites the students and make them eager to learn. Even if you don’t want to do anything too big, just a simple word search is fun for students! It lets them learn about the history behind a holiday, while trying something different at school.


My School Dance encourages all teachers to come up with a creative activity for the students to work on next week to celebrate the holiday!



Stephanie Hamilton