Winter Formal: 5 Inexpensive Decorations

Thursday, 11 November, 2021

Winter Formal is just around the corner! Here are some simple and inexpensive decoration ideas that can help sell your students on the theme. Many of these can easily be bought online from retailers like Amazon, or from DIY craft stores.

LED Tea Lights

LED tea lights are a good way of giving a candle-lit atmosphere to a room or table without the risk of real fire candles. They can be bought in large amounts inexpensively. These can be used to bring some winter warmth to your dance and bring the warm, open-fire feeling to contrast the cold outside.

Fairy Lights

clear glass pendant lamp turned on in dim light room

Fairy Lights can give a rustic feel to your winter dance. Similar to the tea lights, they bring a warm atmosphere to contrast the cold of the season.

Paper Snowflakes

white and black snowflake illustration

Paper snowflakes are a basic must-have ornament for a winter-themed formal dance. Buying pre-cut snowflakes is not very expensive, but if you want to save even more money, all it takes to DIY them is some craft paper and scissors.


Gold Christmas Ball Decor

When going for more of a holiday theme to your winter dance, Christmas Trees and basic ornaments are a must-have. The Christmas tree ornament is the most iconic holiday decoration. Basic ornaments can be bought in large quantities for a low cost and they help you bring that Christmas spirit to your Winter Formal dance.

Cotton Snow

Cotton is an inexpensive and non-messy way to simulate the look of snow for decorations. It stays in one piece, as opposed to the plastic shavings that some decorations may use. It’s easy to get sheets of cotton snow from craft shops and online.

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Spread The Word About Your School Dance

Thursday, 26 August, 2021

When planning a dance, one of the biggest challenges is to get people to attend your event. For Homecoming and Prom this may not be as hard, but other dances may have lower attendance than it’s more mainstream counterparts. Maximize your dance’s revenue with marketing and brand techniques that will increase attendance at your dance.

Build a Brand

A brand is an intangible marketing or business concept that helps people identify a company, product, or individual. – Investopedia

A brand is the life blood of your dance. Usually brands are talked about in terms of a business, but branding is a concept that can be used for events and, in our case, dances. Here are some steps you can take to make a memorable brand for your event.

Dance Theme

The first thing that your team should choose is the theme of the dance. This will guide everything about your dance from the creatives you make (fliers, social media posts, etc.), the fonts you use, and the decorations you buy. Once you build your theme, there’s a few more things to think about.

Need some ideas for themes? Click here.

Color Scheme

Choose a few colors that you will use to guide everything from fliers to decorations. Here’s a few ideas for a couple of themes to give you a good idea of what a color scheme might look like.

Western Theme:

Space Theme:


While you don’t need to, if you are interested in learning more about color schemes: click here (external website).


Next, you need to choose a few fonts. This is what you’ll use on every piece of material for your dance from fliers, to banners, to social media posts.

For fonts that are not already on your computer, look at for some different font options you can download. These can also be imported into Google Docs and other Google platforms.

If you are using Canva for your graphic design, there is a large library of fonts that you can use on that platform.

Dance Logo

Now that you have a font, color scheme, and theme, it is time to make a logo. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a master graphic designer or artist on your team. There’s a lot of creative things that you can do with just text, colors, and effects in software like Canva.

Here’s an example for an 80s homecoming logo:


This was all done with built-in Canva fonts and a simple drop shadow. The trick is to keep the fonts in with the theme you’re going for and use effects like drop shadows that make your logos look more “professional”.

Tell People About It

If people don’t know that the school dance is happening or where to buy tickets, no one will come! You need to get the word out using as many methods as possible. Here are a few ways that you can promote your dance.


The easiest way to get the word out in a school is a massive flier campaign. Build a flashy flier in Microsoft Word or Canva. Make sure that you include a few things on this flier:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Ticket Price (Don’t forget to direct people to your My School Dance!)
  • Theme
  • Location
  • Event (Homecoming, Prom, Winter Formal, etc.)


Social Media

Use Social Media to promote the dance! Make something go viral in your school! After people know the dates and location with fliers and announcements, you need to get people engaged with content such as a Promposal contest, videos from the royalty candidates, and whatever else you can think of.

Use Canva to create short videos or graphics that can draw attention to the post’s content.


This could be done on Snapchat, Instagram, or anywhere your students are.

Remember to have a link to your My School Dance page so people can buy tickets!

Always make sure what you are doing on social media is approved by administrators at your school.

Final Note

To make marketing your dance successful, consistency is the key. People need to be reminded that the dance is happening for it to be successful. Increasing the time that your audience spends engaging with the dance before it happens increases the chance that they will buy a ticket.


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8 Homecoming Dance Theme Ideas for 2021

Thursday, 29 July, 2021

Why Dance Themes?

Homecoming is right around the corner! No dance is complete without a fun and engaging theme for dance goers. Here are some Homecoming dance theme ideas that will inspire your dance planning team and students alike.

Roaring 20s

Source: Stumps

It’s the 20s! Throw a Gatsby-style jazz age party for your Homecoming. This theme is characterized by the stylish Art Deco designs and a gold-based color scheme. Celebrate the new decade with an over-the-top century throwback.


Space-themed holiday party

Explore the stars at your Homecoming! The world is looking to the stars again. Be relevant with a Homecoming dance with balloon planets, cardboard spacecrafts, and other worldly light displays.


Neon lights, cool sunglasses, and technology. The future is here! Inspire your students with a theme that can influence students to embrace the idea with futuristic outfits and accessories. Make it a night to remember with a unique futuristic Homecoming theme!

50s Rock and Roll

Source: Party Idea Pros

Leather jackets, milkshakes, and hot rods. Make your Homecoming a throwback with a vintage rock and roll style. Make sure to sprinkle in some retro sock hop hits in the playlist to complete the theme.


Disco Fever Complete Theme

Source: Anderson’s

Funky music and disco balls will surely get people out on the dance floor this Homecoming. This theme is characterized by the gold and purple color schemes and the retro fonts.


Source: Stumps

Go out to the ranch with a western theme for your Homecoming. Decorate the venue with barns, cacti, hay, and other western d├ęcor. This theme is fun for all – coast to coast!


Source: Stumps

A natural looking, rustic theme is one of the more fancy ones on this list. Contrasting from the western theme, the rustic theme focuses on candles, wood patterns, and stylish furniture. A rustic theme is sure to make your Homecoming a fancier and sophisticated event.


Source: Stumps

Bring the big city to your small town at Homecoming. Make your venue feel like a night downtown with skyscraper decorations, street food, and high energy music.


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