Winter Formal: 5 Inexpensive Decorations

Thursday, 11 November, 2021

Winter Formal is just around the corner! Here are some simple and inexpensive decoration ideas that can help sell your students on the theme. Many of these can easily be bought online from retailers like Amazon, or from DIY craft stores.

LED Tea Lights

LED tea lights are a good way of giving a candle-lit atmosphere to a room or table without the risk of real fire candles. They can be bought in large amounts inexpensively. These can be used to bring some winter warmth to your dance and bring the warm, open-fire feeling to contrast the cold outside.

Fairy Lights

clear glass pendant lamp turned on in dim light room

Fairy Lights can give a rustic feel to your winter dance. Similar to the tea lights, they bring a warm atmosphere to contrast the cold of the season.

Paper Snowflakes

white and black snowflake illustration

Paper snowflakes are a basic must-have ornament for a winter-themed formal dance. Buying pre-cut snowflakes is not very expensive, but if you want to save even more money, all it takes to DIY them is some craft paper and scissors.


Gold Christmas Ball Decor

When going for more of a holiday theme to your winter dance, Christmas Trees and basic ornaments are a must-have. The Christmas tree ornament is the most iconic holiday decoration. Basic ornaments can be bought in large quantities for a low cost and they help you bring that Christmas spirit to your Winter Formal dance.

Cotton Snow

Cotton is an inexpensive and non-messy way to simulate the look of snow for decorations. It stays in one piece, as opposed to the plastic shavings that some decorations may use. It’s easy to get sheets of cotton snow from craft shops and online.

Read more about Winter Formals from My School Dance!

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What is a Winter Formal? | Winter Dances Explained

Thursday, 4 November, 2021

❄️ Winter Formal ❄️

A Winter Formal is a high school dance that takes place during the chilly winter months, usually from December through February.

It is similar to Prom but tends to be open for all students instead of just the upper classes! Sometimes this will take a form of a Sadie Hawkins dance.

Along with traditional dance festivities, there may also be a meal and possibly a court or contest! As the name implies, it tends to be more “formal”, but each school will have its own dress code.

Winter Formals tend to go with themes that evoke the winter feeling. If you’re looking for winter dance themes, check out our article with some ideas!


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Spread The Word About Your School Dance

Thursday, 26 August, 2021

When planning a dance, one of the biggest challenges is to get people to attend your event. For Homecoming and Prom this may not be as hard, but other dances may have lower attendance than it’s more mainstream counterparts. Maximize your dance’s revenue with marketing and brand techniques that will increase attendance at your dance.

Build a Brand

A brand is an intangible marketing or business concept that helps people identify a company, product, or individual. – Investopedia

A brand is the life blood of your dance. Usually brands are talked about in terms of a business, but branding is a concept that can be used for events and, in our case, dances. Here are some steps you can take to make a memorable brand for your event.

Dance Theme

The first thing that your team should choose is the theme of the dance. This will guide everything about your dance from the creatives you make (fliers, social media posts, etc.), the fonts you use, and the decorations you buy. Once you build your theme, there’s a few more things to think about.

Need some ideas for themes? Click here.

Color Scheme

Choose a few colors that you will use to guide everything from fliers to decorations. Here’s a few ideas for a couple of themes to give you a good idea of what a color scheme might look like.

Western Theme:

Space Theme:


While you don’t need to, if you are interested in learning more about color schemes: click here (external website).


Next, you need to choose a few fonts. This is what you’ll use on every piece of material for your dance from fliers, to banners, to social media posts.

For fonts that are not already on your computer, look at for some different font options you can download. These can also be imported into Google Docs and other Google platforms.

If you are using Canva for your graphic design, there is a large library of fonts that you can use on that platform.

Dance Logo

Now that you have a font, color scheme, and theme, it is time to make a logo. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a master graphic designer or artist on your team. There’s a lot of creative things that you can do with just text, colors, and effects in software like Canva.

Here’s an example for an 80s homecoming logo:


This was all done with built-in Canva fonts and a simple drop shadow. The trick is to keep the fonts in with the theme you’re going for and use effects like drop shadows that make your logos look more “professional”.

Tell People About It

If people don’t know that the school dance is happening or where to buy tickets, no one will come! You need to get the word out using as many methods as possible. Here are a few ways that you can promote your dance.


The easiest way to get the word out in a school is a massive flier campaign. Build a flashy flier in Microsoft Word or Canva. Make sure that you include a few things on this flier:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Ticket Price (Don’t forget to direct people to your My School Dance!)
  • Theme
  • Location
  • Event (Homecoming, Prom, Winter Formal, etc.)


Social Media

Use Social Media to promote the dance! Make something go viral in your school! After people know the dates and location with fliers and announcements, you need to get people engaged with content such as a Promposal contest, videos from the royalty candidates, and whatever else you can think of.

Use Canva to create short videos or graphics that can draw attention to the post’s content.


This could be done on Snapchat, Instagram, or anywhere your students are.

Remember to have a link to your My School Dance page so people can buy tickets!

Always make sure what you are doing on social media is approved by administrators at your school.

Final Note

To make marketing your dance successful, consistency is the key. People need to be reminded that the dance is happening for it to be successful. Increasing the time that your audience spends engaging with the dance before it happens increases the chance that they will buy a ticket.


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Dance Planning Tools To Host a Successful Event

Thursday, 12 August, 2021

Online tools can make your dance planning experience a whole lot easier. From graphic design to ticketing systems, here are five tools to help plan your dance:


Canva - Wikipedia

Canva is an easy-to-use online graphics design tool which is perfect for dance planners. This can be used to create fliers, logos, banners, etc. which can give your dance a well-designed brand. Their paid options also allow for some basic social media

Price: FREE (Paid plans available)



Mailchimp Reviews 2021: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

Mailchimp is a way that you can keep your dance-goers informed using well designed emails. Campaigns can be easily scheduled and sent to large groups.An organizing body such as a student council can also use MailChimp to promote future dances and events using an easy to use email builder.

Price: FREE (Paid options available)

Google Forms

Why Your Business Should be Using Google Forms - Corkboard Concepts

Google Forms can be used for a lot of different uses for your dance. Do you need a survey for the theme, royalty voting, or food ideas? Google Forms is a free, easy way that integrates easily with our next tool.

Price: FREE

Google Sheets

What is Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is a free spreadsheet tool that a dance planner can use to keep track of money, attendees, survey results, and more. Google’s spreadsheet tool integrates well with other software from Google such as Google Drive.

Price: FREE

My School Dance

An online platform to manage all aspects of your school events | the Learning Counsel

My School Dance is our tool that brings the best of many tools into one easy-to-use and no upfront cost option. It can handle many features needed to plan a successful dance:

  • Ticket Sales
  • QR Code check-in
  • Parental check-in/out text notifications
  • Agreements
  • Table Assignements
  • Royalty Voting
  • and More!

Price: No Upfront Cost (Ticket Sales Include Fees)


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5 Spirit Week Ideas for Homecoming 2021

Thursday, 5 August, 2021

Spirit Week is a fun time for both students and teachers. Having engaging themes throughout the week leading up to Homecoming creates a lot of excitement. Here are some entertaining ideas for Spirit Week for Homecoming 2021!

Decades Day

A decades theme for spirit week gives a lot of flexibility for participants to express themselves in different ways. Students could dress like Elvis, John Lennon, or even a silent movie star.

College Day

Dress in college team apparel! Students can sport their favorite team t-shirt or full outfits with accessories. This is a fun day for everyone to show off how much they love college teams and seniors can show off the schools they are planning on attending next fall.

Crazy Sock Day

Crazy sock day is a creatively colorful but simple idea for Spirit Week. Students can enjoy wearing mismatched socks or crazy designs that “knock the socks” off their peers!”

Superhero Day

Superheroes are a big deal. Everyone has a favorite hero! Superheroes are fun to dress up as with silly looking costumes and accessories. Superhero Day is bound to be a Spirit Week hit!

Twin Day

Get a friend or group of friends and dress in the same outfit! This can be as simple as wearing the same shirt to wearing the same wacky outfit.


Want some more dance ideas? Read about some Homecoming Themes!


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8 Homecoming Dance Theme Ideas for 2021

Thursday, 29 July, 2021

Why Dance Themes?

Homecoming is right around the corner! No dance is complete without a fun and engaging theme for dance goers. Here are some Homecoming dance theme ideas that will inspire your dance planning team and students alike.

Roaring 20s

Source: Stumps

It’s the 20s! Throw a Gatsby-style jazz age party for your Homecoming. This theme is characterized by the stylish Art Deco designs and a gold-based color scheme. Celebrate the new decade with an over-the-top century throwback.


Space-themed holiday party

Explore the stars at your Homecoming! The world is looking to the stars again. Be relevant with a Homecoming dance with balloon planets, cardboard spacecrafts, and other worldly light displays.


Neon lights, cool sunglasses, and technology. The future is here! Inspire your students with a theme that can influence students to embrace the idea with futuristic outfits and accessories. Make it a night to remember with a unique futuristic Homecoming theme!

50s Rock and Roll

Source: Party Idea Pros

Leather jackets, milkshakes, and hot rods. Make your Homecoming a throwback with a vintage rock and roll style. Make sure to sprinkle in some retro sock hop hits in the playlist to complete the theme.


Disco Fever Complete Theme

Source: Anderson’s

Funky music and disco balls will surely get people out on the dance floor this Homecoming. This theme is characterized by the gold and purple color schemes and the retro fonts.


Source: Stumps

Go out to the ranch with a western theme for your Homecoming. Decorate the venue with barns, cacti, hay, and other western décor. This theme is fun for all – coast to coast!


Source: Stumps

A natural looking, rustic theme is one of the more fancy ones on this list. Contrasting from the western theme, the rustic theme focuses on candles, wood patterns, and stylish furniture. A rustic theme is sure to make your Homecoming a fancier and sophisticated event.


Source: Stumps

Bring the big city to your small town at Homecoming. Make your venue feel like a night downtown with skyscraper decorations, street food, and high energy music.


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Steps to plan a virtual school dance

Monday, 22 June, 2020

Now that you know the benefits of having a virtual dance for your school, where do you even start? As I mentioned in my last post, it is so important that your virtual dance be extremely engaging and fun for the students. They have an endless number of things to do on their phones, so you need to really work to keep them engaged.

To start…

  1. Choose a date – If you previously had an in-person dance scheduled, I would suggest using that. If you don’t already have a date scheduled, I would choose a Saturday or Friday and pick a time in the evening. It is important that you are really simulating a dance experience and choosing a typical dance time helps. If you are just planning a virtual prom or dance for your school, I would suggest not having it be more than 2 hours. Because Virtual Prom Live was for students across the country, we were able to get engagement at different points of the night, but three hours still felt like a long time to be behind a screen.
  2. Find and acquire entertainment – What type of entertainment do you usually have at your dances, a DJ, a band? Many local DJs are struggling, COVID has had a tremendous impact on their business. By either charging a nominal amount for tickets or using already fundraised money, you can help support these DJs who for many months have been out of work. When choosing entertainment, it is CRITICAL that you find a DJ who has experience with live streaming. In-person DJing and live streaming are different animals that require technical experience and tools that not every DJ has. DJs who are experienced in live streaming also know how to engage an audience through a screen.
  3. Purchase or seek donations for giveaways – Every student loves some free stuff, so work with local or national businesses to get some cool stuff to give away. If your dance is for a specific club or for younger classmen, maybe offer some school swag. Or, if you have seniors get some gift cards to places like Target or Chipotle. Throughout each of our dances, we gave away 4-5 prizes throughout the night (ours was 3 hours). You also can get a crown or giveaway from homecoming or prom king and queen, which they can vote on throughout the night.
  4. Decide on a technology – Before deciding on a technology to stream with, you need to figure out a couple of logistics. Do you want students to be able to video chat? Do you have enough faculty to moderate the chats? Do you want to be able to delete chats, kick students out, keep it restricted? There are a lot of different technologies out there. For Virtual Prom Live we used Hopin, but you could also use Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Facebook. Because there are so many technologies, if you have more specific questions on organizing that piece, please reach out to us at
  5. Promote your dance and sell tickets – HYPE the dance up. You want the students to want to go for many of the reasons we shared in our last post. If you are hoping to raise some funds from this dance, you definitely want people to attend. Because more than likely you are not in school, you need a way to sell your tickets online, which is where My School Dance comes in. Even if you are in school, online ticket sales is a great way to socially distance sell tickets to your dance. For the foreseeable future, your students probably won’t be gathering at lunch in lines to buy tickets and turn forms in, so My School Dance will do all of this for you. If you’re not signed up, sign up today for 50% off processing fees. My School Dance is free for your school to use, so there’s no risk!
  6. Give your students clear instructions and fun ideas – To make sure that those students who purchase tickets actually attend and have fun, it is important to be very clear with instructions. Create a ‘How-To’ guide for joining the dance, and make sure that they understand what it will be like. You can make promotional materials online for free using Canva. In order to create a true dance experience, give the students fun ideas: decoration ideas, meal ideas with dates or family, outfit/hair/makeup ideas, activity ideas for before or after, just anything to make them feel like they are doing something more than just listening to a DJ on a computer screen.
  7. Rehearse – Because more than likely you’ve never done this before, you have to rehearse with all planning members involved: DJ, chaperones, volunteers, MCs, and anyone else who will appear onscreen. We recommend doing this a few days before to work out any kinks.
  8. DANCE – When it is time for the dance, let the magic happen. Engage students with polls, questions, voting, social media contests, giveaways, dance contests, decoration contests, dinner contests, dress contests, and whatever you can think of. I promise you that even though it is sort of a weird situation, your students will be so grateful that you took to the time out to provide them with a night of different fun.

I said it before, and I will say it here, a virtual dance will never replace an in-person dance, but at least it’s something. It’s unclear when school events will happen again, so providing students with some way to engage with classmates for a carefree night keeps them out of trouble, reduces boredom, and shows that you care about their wellbeing. If you have any questions or would like us to help you plan your first virtual homecoming, virtual prom, or virtual dance, please reach out at

Happy Dancing!

If you missed the first blog post in this two-part series, you can check it out here: Planning Your Virtual School Dance

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Planning a Virtual School Dance

Wednesday, 10 June, 2020

The one thing we thought would never go away, would never change, was the school dance. Prom, in particular, is one of the most significant events of a high school student’s career, a rite of passage that culminates their four years of hard work.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 created a problem we never imagined; students could no longer be together in the same place with their peers. COVID-19 set off a ripple in schools that affected not only academic learning but social and emotional development (SEL) as well. Developing relationships during adolescent years lays the foundation for future relationship success as students move to college and/or career.

If you follow school dances at all, which I assume you do being that you are reading this article, you might know that when it was clear that in-person school events would not be happening at the end of 2020, many organizations and groups began organizing virtual proms. Teen Vogue, MTV, various radio stations, social media platforms, schools, and even individual students worked to create meaningful experiences that connected friends from a distance and celebrated the accomplishments of the year. As the leader in online school-dance management platforms, My School Dance also sought to determine how to provide a prom experience to our schools and students. We decided to provide a unique virtual prom experience, which we called Virtual Prom Live, where we were able to simulate the best experience possible for students whose proms were canceled.

I wanted to share our experience in a 2-part blog series called Planning Your Virtual Dances. In this post, I will highlight what a virtual dance or virtual prom is, and what the benefits of having a virtual school event of any kind are. In the next post, I will share how to plan a virtual dance or event for your students.

What is a Virtual Dance or Virtual Prom?

In this post, I am going to refer mostly to our specific initiative, Virtual Prom Live, but this can be applied to most virtual dances and some virtual school events.

The main features of a virtual school dance are fairly consistent across the board:

  • Live talent, typically a DJ or maybe a band, playing popular music for 1-3 hours
  • A platform that allows students to view the entertainment and interact with other attendees
  • Contests, giveaways, and other ways to get students to interact with each other
  • Moderators who act as chaperones for the dance to ensure all students are respected

Optional add-ins for engagement and positivity include:

  • Influencer appearances
  • Discounts for items such as dress rentals, tux rentals, shoes, flowers, and food
  • Options for video communication between students (this piece is extremely challenging if you are organizing a virtual dance for students not in the same school)
  • Social media engagement with students before, during, and after the event

Virtual Prom Live hosted four different proms, each focused on a specific U.S. time zone. We gathered students from schools around the country into one place where we streamed live DJ talent, featured over 25 influencers, and provided giveaways from companies such as Enso Rings, Crocs, Charlotte’s Closet, and Door Dash. Students had the ability to chat in a moderated section with kids from around the U.S. and Canada and were encouraged to form group video chats either with friends, schools, or others in the event. We had specific vendors who provided discounts on tuxes (Friar Tux, The Black Tux) and dresses (Charlotte’s Closet), which many students wore, took traditional prom photos, and had dinners put together by family.

Benefits of a Virtual School Dance

The most important thing for Virtual Prom Live was that we simulated as much as possible a true prom experience. We know that a virtual school dance will never replace in-person interactions, but our hope is that we were able to provide some semblance of excitement for students who were stuck inside for weeks.

Some of the benefits of virtual dances are:

  • Shows students you care – Overnight the lives of your students completely changed. They were torn away from friends, teachers, classrooms, and end-of-year activities. Even though a virtual school dance will not replace the real thing, it is a step in the right direction to show your students that you care about their wellbeing, their social and emotional development, and their desire for celebration.
  • Gives students something to do – Let’s be honest, students are BORED. TikTok has had over 2 BILLION downloads, and there is only so much Netflix that can be watched. To prevent your students from getting bored, which can sometimes lead to not-so-great things, give them something to look forward to like prom night. Picking out a dress, getting ready, creating excitement with friends are all positive things students can focus their energy on outside of schoolwork.
  • Offers a safe space for certain students – Interestingly, from our experience with Virtual Prom Live, we noticed that many students thrived in a virtual environment who would not normally thrive in an in-person school dance. Just like how every person learns differently, I also believe that every person socializes differently. Some feel more comfortable being who they truly are behind a screen. Even when in-person dances begin again, there might be something to be said for having the option of a virtual pop-in for those students who might not otherwise attend or be as engaged in a dance.
  • Helps support local businesses – The events industry has struggled more during COVID-19 shutdowns than most and continues to struggle as at this moment, many states are still not allowing gatherings for more than 50 people. By organizing a virtual prom or dance, you can help provide income during this challenging time to local businesses like dress/tux shops, florists, DJs, and more.

Again, I would never say that a virtual school dance could replace an in-person one, they are just not the same. However, I do think there are benefits to having a virtual option over no option, and I also believe there might be a need in the future for hybrid school dances both online and offline. In the next blog post, I will give you some guidance on how exactly you can begin to plan a virtual dance for your school or organization. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact us at or

Happy Dancing!

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Working from home, not working? Try this.

Monday, 13 April, 2020

As educators, and as parents, planning and time management are essential skills to be productive and effective in the classroom and in the home.   The new challenge of working from home includes juggling learning new software or programming to connect with students, trying to adjust the lesson plans that you had for the remainder of the year, and trying to find a new definition to the work/life balance.  At the start it was supposed to be a short-term challenge, now it is an ongoing situation for an indeterminate time period, and you may need to take a look at “how” you are working from home.

Create a defined schedule.  Going to work each day, you had a schedule and routines.   It is very easy to get lax about time and that cuts into your productivity.  Not all of your time will be spent connecting with students so plan ahead how to define your time during work hours.  When creating a schedule, plot out the hours of the day and set your ‘workday’.   There are several sites that allow you to create your own planner that includes the days of the week with hourly blocks of time.  Follow your daily routine, set your alarm, shower, get dressed, and begin your day as a working day.  Be sure to take breaks but set an alarm to get back on task at the end of the break.

Create a designated workspace.  If you do not already have an office, set a place in your home as your work area.  When you ‘go to work’ allow that space to be somewhere with few distractions and definitely not an area you use as a lounging place, like the couch.  Having a television that handy will make it too easy to say, “I’ll take a five-minute break” to watch a show you enjoy.  An hour later, you realize how much time you’ve lost.   If you need to, buy a small desk, or use a vanity as a desk, or if space is limited you can even get a wall-mounted desk that folds up when not in use.  Find a space in your home that is not being used, as your office.

Set boundaries.  Just as your space is defined, be sure to let everyone you share your home with know that when you are working to not interrupt.  Create a signal that you are in work mode, like shutting a door if you are in a bedroom or a room used as an office at home.  If your office space is in a general area, create a sign to set up on your desk that you are at work to remind those around you to respect your space.  If you have noise-cancelling headphones those work to both block out noise and as a reminder that you are “at work”.    The boundaries include you not taking calls or answering emails after your set work hours.  It is very easy for the workday hours to become blurred and you begin to feel that you are always working, which can add an element of stress to your life.  Stick to your set workday.

Spend time with your team and a mentor.  Continue to have a set time to connect with other team members.  Plan a weekly Zoom meeting to discuss how things are going, what is working, and what isn’t working.  Zoom is a video meeting tool that allows you to hold 40-minute meetings for free.  Set guidelines in advance for the meeting, like the subject of the meeting and rules for the meeting.  If the session begins to turn towards a format to complain, get the session back on track.  The sessions can be recorded for each of you to refer back to until the next meeting.  Also, look for a mentor to help with ideas, someone who has done homeschooling or who is in the midst of a homeschool year.   They can assist with the “how” you work from home.


We may all be in this together, but there are times when it might feel overwhelming making the switch from teaching in the classroom to teach from your dining room.  If you plan, when to work, where to work,  and how you work it creates an element of control in a situation where it feels like we are not in control.  It also helps your productivity and effectiveness, and each day, when the weather allows, get outside.  It is a stress reliever and it helps boost your Vitamin D, too.  Being outside gives you the opportunity to be away from work and to unplug.   We may not have planned to wrap up the school year this way, but we can plan how to handle it and thrive during it.

Written by Midge Brody

If you want more activities or tips for your you and your kids, check out this blog post next: School Closures – Activities To Keep Kids Happy, Healthy and Active


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#SAVE PROM: Virtual Prom 2020

Monday, 6 April, 2020

Saturday Nights from April 18 – May 9

We are all affected by the closures and regulations in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Canceled vacations, postponed weddings, and abrupt school closures are just a few of the ways our lives have been impacted.  For high school students, social distancing means no school events – including prom.  My School Dance has teamed up with Virtual Prom Live and No Kid Hungry to bring the party to your living room while raising money for a great cause.

My two high school daughters have been struggling with the fact they may not see their friends again for weeks, perhaps even months.  My high school senior had already picked out a prom dress and was eagerly awaiting the big event. Then her school closed. 

I was trying to come up with a way she could still have some kind of “prom” event with her friends online, but organizing something like this was all new to me.  That’s why I was so excited to learn that people far wiser than I had already planned just such an event. 

My School Dance, partnering with Virtual Prom Live, have joined forces to create not just one but a series of online prom events for students across the country.  Not only are these events free, but money being raised through donations is going towards feeding hungry families.  

Free For All

Every Saturday night from April 18 – May 9, students can participate in a virtual prom experience along with 1,000’s of students across the country.  A live DJ will play music, sponsors will provide contests and prizes, and kids can dance in their living room while interacting with friends digitally.  

In addition to free registration, an online clothing boutique is also lending party attire to young ladies who may not have lined up their dress for the evening yet.  Dresses are limited, and more information can be found by contacting  

A Party For A Good Cause

Although the virtual prom events are completely free, it’s a great opportunity to give to a good cause.  Donations to an organization called  No Kid Hungry are being raised to help feed people who are having difficulty during this challenging time.  What a great way to give back. I was going to suggest to my daughter that she donate some of the money she would have spent on hair, makeup and a prom ticket to  No Kid Hungry.  Thinking of the needs of others is always a great lesson for my kiddos!

How To Join The Party

Getting signed up is easy – all you need to do is visit Virtual Prom Live and choose a date that you would like to attend.  Regional events are planned each Saturday evening from April 18 – May 9.  Students can sign up for any date and time, no matter where they live. 

Each virtual prom event will feature a different DJ and start time.  For example, the virtual prom on April 18 is scheduled to begin at 7:00 pm Mountain Time.  DJ Joune, the official DJ of the Utah Jazz will be spinning tunes throughout the evening! No matter which night your student “attends,” it is designed to be entertaining, interactive and memorable.

Kids can share the link and encourage their friends to register as well.  They can then interact online during the event, making it even more unforgettable.  What a great way to have fun and make a difference for others, while celebrating prom in a unique way.  It is sure to be a story our kids tell for years to come!

Check out Virtual Prom Live on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok (@VirtualPromLive)!

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Written by: Angela O’Brien