Prom Planning Made Easy: My School Dance Provides Free, All-Digital Solution to Streamline Planning Process for School Dances

Tuesday, 1 May, 2018

MERRILLVILLE, Ind.March 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/

— Teachers and school administrators now have a faster, easier way to plan every aspect of a school dance, from ticket sales to student, guest, and parent behavioral agreements/contracts, thanks to My School Dance ( The completely digital and user-friendly platform provides a set of planning tools that were developed based on input from educators. My School Dance officially launched in January 2018.

“My School Dance makes it safe and efficient for schools to manage their dances,” says Chief Operations Officer Taylor Buckley. “We partner with schools and walk them through the planning process — it’s remarkably easy, and users quickly learn how everything works. Best of all, the platform will always be free for schools.”

With Prom season fast approaching, the My School Dance team believes now is the perfect time for schools to become familiar with the platform. Core components include online ticketing, digital agreement signing prior to ticket download, faculty and student planning committee user integration, budgeting tool, planning checklist, and a custom landing page for each dance. Gone are the days of printing out thousands of fliers and handling cash payments at the door.

My School Dance features an integrated roadmap with QR codes for student check-in and check-out, and parental notification. The platform also plans to integrate music selection for age-appropriate music curation. Soon, schools will be able to leverage My School Dance to promote the sale of dance-related products and services like tuxedos, limos or photo sessions.

New tools are regularly added to My School Dance in response to feedback from the user community. Meanwhile, the platform’s developers often share dance planning tips on Facebook and Twitter.

My School Dance’s applications go beyond school dances. In fact, any event where tickets are sold represents a possible use case for the platform: graduation parties, religious and club meetings, and Greek events, to name just a few.

Think Tank TNG, the 25-year-old company behind My School Dance, has worked closely with hundreds of schools to enhance their use of cutting-edge technology. The company has earned a string of awards for these efforts, including CRN Top MSP Provider and CRN Tech Elite.

About My School Dance

The mission of My School Dance is to provide an online platform for digitally charged, secure and engaged school dances.


Taylor Buckley